Andy Murray left bemused after new video review technology malfunctions at US Open

 Andy Murray expressed frustration with the malfunction of new video review (VR) technology during his first-round win against Corentin Moutet at the US Open.

 The malfunction occurred when Murray was serving for the match in the third set and Moutet requested a review of a double bounce call.

 Chair umpire Louise Engzell attempted to use the new VR technology, but her tablet was not working, preventing her from reviewing the call.

 The US Open introduced video review technology on selected courts at Flushing Meadows this year to assist chair umpires in making judgement calls.

 Murray commented that the malfunction occurred at a crucial moment of the match and suggested that the issue should be fixed.

 Despite the umpire's tablet malfunctioning, replays of the point were displayed on the big screens inside the Grandstand Stadium, allowing both players and the crowd to see the footage.

The umpire announced to the crowd that the VR technology was not working and that the original call would stand based on the TV footage.

Murray mentioned that he watched the replay multiple times and saw that the ball had bounced twice, indicating that the technology was not functioning correctly.

 The VR mishap did not affect Murray's performance, and he won the match 6-2, 7-5, 6-3.

Andy Murray's next opponent in the tournament will be Bulgarian player Grigor Dimitrov.