Vice Golf Balls Review: Performance, Quality, and Value Explored

As a golfer, you hear many golf ball company names and may get confused about which one is better for you.

Simply put, everyone has different opinions, so people suggest different companies based on performance, quality, value, and price.

As a golfer, I want to share the full details of Vice golf balls: Vice Pro, Vice Pro Plus, Vice Pro Soft, Vice Tour, Vice Golf Drive Ball, and Vice Pro Zero Golf Ball.

Vice Pro

Vice Pro

The Vice Pro is a three-layer golf ball in white that we believe is the best choice for a wide variety of golfers. It delivers excellent performance both when driving from the tee and when playing shots around the green.

·  Distance:

  • The Vice Pro offers competitive distance comparable to the Titleist Pro V1.
  • Provides a few extra yards for mid swing speeds.
  • Slightly less distance for long hitters (310+ yards).
  • Feels similar off the tee, with the Vice Pro being slightly harder.
  • Long game spin is mid-range, similar to other premium balls.

·  Spin:

  • Good spin around the greens, though not as high as Pro V1x or TP5.
  • Stops and grabs sufficiently for most golfers.
  • For maximum spin, another ball might be better, but Vice Pro performs well.

·  Feel:

  • Second-best feel among Vice balls, with Vice Pro Soft being the best.
  • Feels like a premium ball, especially when chipping and putting.

·  Longevity:

  • Excellent longevity due to the thin yet strong cast urethane cover.
  • Can play four or five rounds with minimal wear.

·  Value:

  • Great value for the technology offered.
  • Three-piece construction, not four-piece, so greenside performance is not perfect.
  • An all-around good solution at a lower price than high-end alternatives.

· Golf Verdict:

  • Suitable for both high and low swing speeds.
  • Offers a mix of greenside and tee performance at a fair price.
  • The Vice Pro Drip provides a unique look for those interested.

Reasons to Buy

Noticeably high and strong flight, impressive distance with decent feel in the short game, and very good value for money.

Reasons to Avoid

  • It lacks a bit of spin control on more finesse shots.

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Vice Pro Plus

Vice Pro Plus

High spin not your problem? Vice Pro Plus prioritizes control for fast swingers seeking max distance and a soft feel.


  • The Vice Pro Plus offers exceptional distance, making it a top choice for fast-swinging players who want to maximize their distance off the tee and through the mid-irons.
  • It is the longest of the Vice series tested, but it performs best for players with swing speeds of 110+ mph due to its low spin and slightly higher compression.
  • If you hit high and long shots and aren’t seeking more mid-iron spin, the Vice Pro Plus could be an excellent option, with performance comparable to the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash.


  • The Vice Pro Plus delivers remarkable carry distance and maintains momentum upon landing, boasting some of the lowest long-game spin rates observed.
  • For the short game, spin remains relatively low, and the ball flight is slightly lower, making it unsuitable for players looking for high spin.
  • Golfers who struggle with excessive spin and desire more control over their shots, especially drives and wedge shots, will find the Vice Pro Plus beneficial, offering approximately 10% less spin compared to a Pro V1x.


  • While the Vice Pro Plus feels slightly harder than the Vice Pro, it doesn’t compromise on feel. It offers a similar feel to the Pro V1x, ensuring a satisfying experience for golfers.


  • The Vice Pro Plus is built to last, featuring a highly durable cover that withstands extreme swing speeds and maintains performance over multiple rounds.


  • Golfers looking for a four-piece golf ball with exceptional carry distance at a reasonable price will find the Vice Pro Plus a valuable investment, offering excellent performance without breaking the bank.

Golf Insider Verdict:

  • Overall, the Vice Pro Plus is an outstanding low-spin golf ball tailored for big hitters.
  • If you struggle with high, spinny drives and excessive spin on approach shots, the Vice Pro Plus is highly recommended.
  • It’s a great option for golfers seeking performance and value.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Fantastic Color Options: The Vice Pro offers a range of vibrant color choices, allowing golfers to express their style on the course.
  • Really Soft Feel Thanks to its Urethane Cover: With its urethane cover, the Vice Pro delivers a remarkably soft feel, enhancing the overall experience for players.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Faster swingers won’t reap the maximum performance benefits of its design: While the Vice Pro excels in many areas, golfers with faster swing speeds may not fully maximize its performance benefits.

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Vice Pro Soft

Vice Pro Soft

As a golfer, swing speed is important. The Vice Pro Soft is a three-piece ball that provides the best performance for players with swing speeds of 95 mph and below, making it one of the best golf balls without losing performance. However, golfers with slightly higher swing speeds (low 100s) can also feel great using it.


The Vice Pro Soft is a three-piece ball with a High Energy Speed Core, ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds, offering extra distance. High swing speed players might lose some distance. It can add 2-3 extra yards on iron shots compared to less suited balls.


The Vice Pro Soft offers good spin: average to low from the tee and average to high around the greens. It performs well on chip shots, though it’s slightly behind the Pro V1, TP5, and Callaway Chrome Soft in terms of grab.


The Vice Pro Soft balances control and softness well, avoiding the mushy feel of some “soft” balls, making it a great choice around the greens.


Durable for over five rounds, but cuts more easily than the Vice Pro Plus.


Offers excellent feel and performance at a low price, making it one of the best values for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Golf Insider Verdict

Ideal for average to slow swing speed golfers seeking distance, soft feel, and good spin.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Great colour options
  • Provides a really soft feel due to its urethane cover

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Faster swingers won’t fully benefit from its design.

Vice Tour

The Vice Tour golf ball is a three-piece, high-performance golf ball designed for golfers of all skill levels who seek a good balance of distance, control, and feel. It features a Soft Energy Speed Core (ESC) for extra distance and a soft feel at impact, a thin DuPont Surlyn cover for maximum cut resistance and control, and a 312 large dimple pattern that reduces air resistance and results in a more stable trajectory.


  • High compression, ideal for medium to high swing speeds, offers excellent distance.


  • Average to low long game spin; lower short game spin due to the DuPont Surlyn cover.


  • Slightly hard feel, but not overly so. Harder than other Vice balls but good for the price.


  • Highly durable, cut-resistant cover, lasting for many rounds.


  • Fairly priced with great longevity, though some trade-offs in spin and feel compared to Vice Pro.

Golf Insider Verdict

  • A budget-friendly option with solid overall performance. Great for distance and durability, but not the best for greenside feel.

Reason to Buy:

  • Most important provide the value of performance.
  • Distance and Control Balance
  • Durable Cover
  • Softer Feel (compared to some).
  • Variety of Colors (for some).
  • Good for Mid-Handicappers.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Lower Spin for Short Game

Vice Golf Drive Ball

Vice Golf Drive Ball

The Vice Drive golf ball is a 2-piece distance ball designed for golfers who prioritise adding yards to their game.


  • The high-compression core and aerodynamic dimple pattern are designed to maximize distance off the tee.


  • The Surlyn cover reduces spin, which helps with distance but can affect control around the green.


  • The Surlyn cover offers a firmer feel compared to softer urethane-covered balls.


  • The durable Surlyn cover resists cuts and scrapes, potentially lasting longer than softer balls.


  • The Vice Drive offers distance and durability at a price point that’s lower than many premium balls.

Golf Insider Verdict

Golf Insider suggests the Vice Drive is a strong choice for average to slow swing speed golfers who prioritize distance and want a durable ball at a good value. However, they mention it might not be ideal for golfers needing maximum spin control around the green.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Durable Warrior


  • Best for slower swingers

Vice Pro Zero Golf Ball

The Vice Pro Zero golf ball falls into a bit of an interesting spot in Vice’s lineup.

Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Distance: Decent distance, though not necessarily the longest in Vice’s lineup.

Spin: Lower spin than the Pro Soft model, which can be good for high spin players but might not offer enough control for low spin players around the green.

Feel: Firmer feel compared to Vice’s urethane-covered balls like the Pro and Pro Plus.


  • Three-piece ball with a fused urethane cover (potentially a marketing term for an injection-molded TPU material).
  • 344 dimple pattern, similar to the Spalding SD Tour.


  • Decent, TPU cover offers some durability (not the best, but better than a two-piece ball).


  • Strong point, less expensive than Vice’s premium balls with good performance.


  • Good for budget-conscious golfers with moderate swing speeds (around 91 mph) who prioritize affordability.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Moderate swing speed match
  • Lower spin for high-spinners
  • Decent all-around performance


  • Less premium feel
  • Limited testing info

How We Test Golf Balls?

As a golfer, there are two main processes for testing golf balls.

Indoor Testing:

  • Use launch monitors to measure ball speed, spin rates, and distance.
  • Conduct robotic swing tests to ensure consistency.
  • Assess durability by simulating impacts and wear.

Outdoor Testing:

  • Play rounds on various courses to evaluate real-world performance.
  • Test under different weather conditions to assess adaptability.
  • Gather feedback from golfers of different skill levels for comprehensive insights.


Choosing golf equipment is a very crucial and technical part of a golfer’s game. Several factors are important when selecting golf balls, such as swing speed, color, and most importantly, budget.

Swing speed

Your swing speed is crucial in determining the type of golf ball you should use. Generally, there are three main types of swing speeds used to measure golf ball performance.

  1. Low Swing Speed (Less than 85 mph): If your swing speed is on the lower end of the spectrum, choose a softer, low-compression golf ball. These balls help maximize distance and reduce spin.
  2. Medium Swing Speed (85-104 mph): Golfers with a moderate swing speed should consider a golf ball that offers a balanced blend of distance and control, with a mid-compression ball often working well.
  3. High Swing Speed (Over 105 mph): Golfers with a high swing speed should opt for a high-compression golf ball


Your golf balls no longer have to be white; instead, they can come in various colors such as yellow, red, or even green. The Vice Pro Soft also offers Hue colors like coral, blue, and peach.


We always suggest considering your budget when selecting golf balls. What’s unique about Vice is their system: the more you buy, the cheaper it is per ball, making bulk purchases at the start of the season worthwhile.

Are Vice Golf Balls Really Good?

Vice golf balls, particularly the Vice Pro range, offer performance comparable to top brands at a lower price. By selling directly to consumers, the company provides premium technology at a very fair price, making them an excellent value for golfers.

Do any professional golfers use Vice golf balls?

The majority of professionals using Vice golf balls are those on the Korn Ferry Tour. Golfers on the PGA Tour predominantly use golf balls from Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Bridgestone. This is mainly due to the lucrative equipment contracts that PGA Tour players sign, which often restrict them from using golf balls from other manufacturers. However, as time goes on, we may see this change, as the performance of Vice golf balls is comparable.

Are any Vice golf balls suitable for low handicappers?

Absolutely, the Vice Tour Pro Plus Golf Ball is an excellent choice for low handicappers and experienced golfers, providing the ability to achieve greater distance and precise landings on the green.

What Is Different About Vice Golf Balls?

Vice golf balls offer unique technology and great performance at a fair price. They have options for all handicaps and abilities, with all models being very reasonably priced.

Which Vice Golf Ball is Comparable to the Pro V1?

The Vice Pro is the closest to the Pro V1, offering similar distance and spin rates at a much lower cost.

Which Is Softer Vice Pro Or Pro Plus?

The Vice Pro is softer than the Pro Plus, which is designed for higher swing speeds and requires more speed to compress properly.

How Do the Vice Pro and Pro Plus Differ?

The Vice Pro is a 3-piece ball, and the Pro Plus is a 4-piece ball designed for very high swing speeds. The Vice Pro has good greenside spin and a higher ball flight compared to the Pro Plus.

Which Vice golf ball has the most spin?

In our product testing, we discovered that the Vice Pro offers the best greenside spin, with the Vice Pro Plus coming in a close second.

What Compression Do Vice Golf Balls Have?

The compression of Vice golf balls varies:
Vice Pro: ~85
Vice Pro Plus: ~95
Vice Pro Soft (for slower swing speeds): ~70

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