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Your course list

  • This is a list of all courses you play. Clicking on the name shows the scorecard.
  • The options to the right allow you to record a new round for that course, or remove it from the list of courses you play.
  • Underneath each course, you'll see a "N rounds recorded" — that links directly to your stats for that course.

New course options

  • It's recommended to try and find the course in the system before adding it, this option just let's you search by keyword.
  • If you don't know the course name to search, you can browse all courses by your US state.
  • And if you still can't find it, you can always add the scorecard yourself.

New course scorecard

  • Enter the course title and where it's located (city/state).
  • Slope/rating information is required for handicap computations.
  • This is where you can enter yardages per tee, mens/ladies handicaps, and the course par for each hole.
  • You can add scorecards to the system even if you don't play the courses. If you want the scorecard to be available to record new rounds, check this checkbox.

Viewing a scorecard

  • This area lists the course title, where it's located, and the par for the course. In addition, if you have recorded rounds for this course, there will be a link to your course-specific stats.
  • Clicking on the "Show/Hide Details" link toggles the slope/rating information. This view has it showing.
  • This is the typical information you would find on any golf scorecard.

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