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Let's get you two acquainted. Look around, we really think you'll like what you see.

The dashboard

  • This column shows your running totals for all rounds on all courses. It's very easy to see your average putts, FIR/GIR, how your pars compare to your bogeys, and so on.
  • Your current handicap is always shown at all times. It tells you when it was last computed, and also shows your all-time best handicap index.

Graphical analysis

  • This is a plot of all recorded rounds. The lowest point is your best score and the highest point is your worst score. This gives you a visual feel for your average round.
  • Since Golf Stat records every handicap change (rather than updating it) you are able to see how your handicap has changed over time.

Statistical breakdowns

  • A major piece to improving is realizing your trouble areas. With this breakdown, you can easily see how well you typically play the par 3's, 4's, and 5's for all of your recorded rounds.
  • A quick reference and link to your best recorded round.

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