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Let's get you two acquainted. Look around, we really think you'll like what you see.

Course statistics

  • Drop-down menu that let's you quickly load stats for any of the courses you play.
  • Running totals just like the dashboard, only here it shows your stats for a single course.
  • General course statistics: average score and FIR/GIR percentages. Additionally, clicking on any of the hole numbers (1-18) will pop-up a window with hole-specific stats.
  • A visual representation of the rounds played on this course, and below that a par-breakdown of stats for this course.

Hole statistics

  • Clicking any of these hole numbers will pop-up hole-specific stats for whatever hole number was clicked.
  • This is an example of what it looks like to view hole-specific stats for a particular course. You can see your average score, putts, FIR/GIR, and a graph of your history on that particular hole.

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