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Master dunk coach too confident

2022-06-25 22:03Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What is the level of coach tomben among the dunk masters? How to evaluateCompared with Maoyi tianoka's old enemy Gao Touli, coach tianoka's on-the-spot communication ability seems very insuffici
What is the level of coach tomben among theMaster dunk coach  too confident dunk masters? How to evaluate
Compared with Maoyi tianoka's old enemy Gao Touli, coach tianoka's on-the-spot communication ability seems very insufficient. Too much self-confidence finally leads to Lingnan's passivity! Takero tomoto is the only rMaster dunk coach  too confidenteal enemy of coach Anxi in slam dunk master, although it is slightly tender compared with coach AnxiWhat is the list of dunk master roles
Introduce: Gao Sha, the chief center, is the character in slamdunk, the chief center of Hainan team of Kanagawa seed team, and the No. 5 Jersey. It is a friendly partner with Hushen Yi of Hainan team. He is one of the three rival centers in Akagi's eyes. In the county competition, Gao Sha showed his amazing skills as the chief center of HainanHow to rank the coaches of each basketball team in slam dunk master? Who is the number one in your mind_ Baidu knows
Speaking of slam dunk master, my personal ranking of coaches of basketball teams is as follows: Coach Anxi > Maoyi Tiangang > Takero tomoto > Kitano > Fujimori Kenji. In my mind, among these coaches, the No. 1 one should be coach Anxi. After all, this coach is a former coach of the Japanese national teamCompared with other basketbalMaster dunk coach  too confidentl coaches in slam dunk master, why does Fengyu high school coach fail the most_ Baidu
Slam dunk master has shaped different personalities and behavior styles for coaches of many teams. The most typical is coach Anxi, who complements the Xiangbei team and becomes the most successful coach in animation. Where there is success, there is failureIn slam dunk master, why is coach Anxi so opposed to Liuchuan Feng playing professionally in the United States_ Baidu
In general, coach Anxi is afraid that in the United States where individualism is obvious (referring to the situation of animation dunk Masters), Liuchuan Maple will be unable to move, and finally drown out his personal talents. That's a pity. Coach Anxi has such a worry because something happened before, which is the eternal pain in his heartIn dunk master, where did coach ansey play when he was a player
Anxi Guangyi, the role in the Japanese animation slam dunk master, coach of Xiangbei high school basketball team, nicknamed "white haired devil", "white haired ghost", "white haired Buddha", etc. He was a national basketball player representing Japan. After his retirement, he became a coach, explored the hidden basketball talent of Sakuragi flower path, and made Liuchuan Maple realize his weaknessIs coach ansey the best coach in slam dunk
But he was meticulous in the game. The coach's summary is: strict training system and rich on-site experience! The tactician is far from ansey's coach, but he is good enough in the high school league. So I don't think coach ansey is the best coach in slam dunk masterCoach ansey is respected in slam dunk master. What are his outstanding abilities
Slam dunk master why did coach ansey attract the attention of other coaches? What's special about him? Coach Anxi is very strong, which is the consensus of almost all other coaches. For them, the real trumps of Hubei team are not Liuchuan Feng and Mitsui, but Anxi coach. Coach Anxi has a wide range Master dunk coach  too confidentof interpersonal relationships and can even arrange friendly matchesIn slam dunk master, does coach Anxi prefer Cherry Blossom path or Liuchuan Maple
Liuchuan Feng is talented but still trained! Cherry Blossom path and Liuchuan maple are football players with built-in talents. Although their talents are different, their ultimate goal is to give full play to their talents. In the match against Fengyu high schoolWhich coach in slam dunk master has the strongest coaching ability
Now let me check who is the strongest coach in slam dunk master. The fifth is tengzhenjiansi. Tengzhenjiansi is a special coach. It is not only a coach, but also a player and captain of the team. Strong basketball talent allows him to display his talent on the court and on the coaching bench. Although tengzhen is talented
Master dunk coach too confident

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