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Basketball emperor of dunk

2022-06-25 20:04Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Who are the original star players of all the characters in slam dunk masterPastor I - Jordan (pastor is based on God, and his reputation as "basketball emperor" is the best proof ~!? only his po
Who are the original star players of all the characters in slam dunk master
Pastor I - Jordan (pastor is based on God, and his reputation as "basketball emperor" is the best proof ~!? only his position on the court was distorted by Inoue, and he has always led the team to win and supported the great banner of "constant victory!") God - Byrd fairyland - Magic Johnson fish - Ewing Fukuda - WilkinsWho can write me a dunk master's novel? Thank you
The reincarnation of the dunk: kimmu Gongyan, the reincarnation of the dunk: Mito Yangping, the control of the ball, the dunk: yakuzin, the Xiandao dunk, the basketball emperor, the foxBasketball emperor of dunk, Liuchuan, the legend of the bald man, the Miyagi Yoshida dunk, the brilliant career, the king of the dunk masterAsk for books!! Who has a good slam dunk buddy novel to finish
The ace of dunk, the terminator of dunk, the dominator of dunk, the dream of dunk master, the corner of point guard dunk dream, the dunk world of Tian wuyueze, the basketball emperor of dunk, the whirlwind of dunk, the dance emperor of dunk himself
Please tell us about the deeds of the basketball emperor Chamberlain! Be specific, thank you
In fact, if we want to discuss the difficulties made by the basketball authorities on his scoring ability that is "different from orBasketball emperor of dunkdinary people", as early as he participated in the College League on behalf of Kansas University, his teammates usually just throw the ball high in the direction of the hoop, and then let Chamberlain jump up and dunk 3 You can scoreWhat records does the basketball emperor Chamberlain have
Wiltchamberlain has the same excellent physical conditions as Russell. He runs 100 meters for 10.90 seconds, 400 meters for 47 seconds and jumps 2.02 meters. He is the concentration of speed, height, strength and technologyBasketball emperor of dunk, or a god born on the basketball court to show people the charm of basketball. His outstanding talentWho is the "basketball emperor" among NBA stars
Chamberlain's strength made him one of the few monsters who could cover a hard dunk in that era. In a 1968 game, his opponent was 6 '11 "tall in the New York array. His basketball talent was amazing. At that time, there was only bill in the NBA &\x2022; Russell is comparable. Chamberlain has a profound influence on basketballWho are the nicknames in the NBA
LeBron James, born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio, USA, is an American professional basketball player, a professional small forward, nicknamed "little emperor", and plays for the NBA Basketball emperor of dunkLos Angeles LakersNBA legend Michael Jordan details
Cantonese translation: Michael Jotun nickname: "flying man" gender: male Nationality: American height: 198cm weight: 98.1kg arm span: 203cm 100m result: 10.7 seconds vertical bounce: 43 inches (about 109cm) long jump result: 7.5 meters or more events: basketball number: 2
A novel about a slam dunk master whose protagonist is Ling Nan
The main character of the dunk, Mitsui Shou, crosses Cheng Mitsui Shou, and abducts tengzhen into the Lingnan dunk expert, me. In the Lingnan team, as the name suggests, the dunk fairy road of Lingnan passes through Chengxian road and dunks with golden fingers. The main character of the basketball emperor is Chinese
Dunk master character prototype
The relative lack of basketball IQ seems to reflect this? The first feeling of Sendao vs big bird / assassin is that the Lingnan shirt is similar to the piston, and Sendao's smile and low dribble breakthrough are very similar to the assassin. As a small forward, Sendao is undoubtedly a big bird. However, during the final four, Xiandao and zhicao were the main controllers
Basketball emperor of dunk

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