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Dunk master 101 no consensus

2022-06-25 12:03Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Why only 101 episodes of slam dunkXiongyan Inoue, the comic author of slam dunk master, disagreed with the animation production company "toying" on the outcome and did not reach a consensus. So
Why only 101 episodes of slam dunk
Xiongyan Inoue, the comic author of slam dunk master, disagreed with the animation production company "toying" on the outcome and did not reach a consensus. So far, the national competition has only comic version, but no animation version. Therefore, we can only see 101 episodes of animation on TVSlam dunk master animatioDunk master 101  no consensusn episode 101
The 101 episode of slam dunk master corresponds to Volume 22 of the cartoon. It tells the story of Sakuragi flower path who repeatedly failed to shDunk master 101  no consensusoot. Under the encouragement of Akaki, he finally recovered his original strength and defended the backboard for Xiangbei town. Compared with the mixed army, the strength of the mixed army is stronger due to the participation of Ah Fu. Sakuragi, which has not been believed by everyoneDunk master animation 101 Baidu cloud
Dunk expert Baidu online HD resources free online viewing: link: Extraction code: xafp was promoted to Xiangbei high school by yingmu Huadao, a red haired juvenile who was dumped by 50 female students in junior high schoolWhy is there only 101 episodes of dunk Masters
The TV version of slam dunk master has 101 episodes in total, which ended when Xiangbei was preparing for the national competition. TDunk master 101  no consensushere are also five Theatrical Editions, one of which can be regarded as a full set of review. There is no original story, which can be ignored. The content of the remaining four parts includes: a competition between Liuchuan and the younger studenDunk master 101  no consensusts of FuzhongWhy are there only 101 episodes of slam dunks? Why don't you continue shooting
The dunk master animation only has 101 episodes and some theatrical versions. There was no national competition. Slam dunk master is a Japanese cartoonist yoshihihiko Inoue's juvenile cartoon with the theme of high school basketball. It was serialized in the weekly juvenile jump from No. 42 in 1990 to No. 27 in 1996. The single edition has been distributed in 17 countries and regionsWhy did the slam dunk master comics go to 101 and then disappear
It's level 101, because I've seen the official website of slam dunk masters say that only after episode 1-101, there will be comics, and there will be no comics until we defeat ShanwangDunk master animation directory
There are 101 episodes of the animation slam dunk master. The contents are as follows: the birth of a talented basketball player, the smashing of basketball, the flower path vs. Liuchuan gorilla vs. flower path, the ultimate duel. The basketball player flower path enters the team. In the afternoon when there is no enthusiasm, Liuchuan vs. Akagi master duel. 7. The flower path debut! Burst into bottle 8How many episodes of slam dunk master? Why did I see episode 101 disappear? What was the final outcome
There are 101 dunk masters in total. The last episode is an open ending. Northern Hunan competes against the joint army of Xiangyang and Lingnan. The game ended with a dramatic dunk by Sakuragi. Everyone tried their best to finish the game. Northern Hunan aims to dominate the country. Now it is time to go to the national CongressIs there only 101 episodes for slam dunks
Dunk master; There are 1-31 volumes of cartoons in total. Among them, 1-22 volumes were made into 101 episodes of animation, and the remaining 23-31 are national competitions. It was not made into animation, so you can only read comics. At the beginning of Volume 23 is the content of the national competition.. You can look at the last few pages of Volume 22.. You will find outWhy is there only 101 episodes for slam dunks
I'm also looking forward to it, but it's a pity that the author died and "slam dunk master" will be over. However, the comics have been followed, but I don't want to read the comics on the Internet. My eyes are spent... Why not a sequel
Dunk master 101 no consensus

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