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Dunk juvenile animation Sakuragi to treat

2022-06-24 20:04Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What is the final outcome of the dunk boyThe first game of the national competition was won. In the second game, Xiangbei won Shanwang. In this game, sakuraki was injured in the waist. Later, he lost
What is the final outcome of the dunk boy
The first game of the national competition was won. In the seconDunk juvenile animation  Sakuragi to treatd game, Xiangbei won Shanwang. In this game, sakuraki was injured in the waist. Later, he lost to Aichi and was eliminated Sakuraki went to treatment and Liuchuan joined the Japanese youth team The third grade retired Kyoko became assistant manager of the basketball departmentWhat is the difference between the cartoon dunk boy, sunspot's basketball and dunk master_ Baidu
Slam dunk masters were broadcast in the 1990s, when there were not many cartoons. They were well-known, funny, hot-blooded and inspirational. Therefore, they have always been the best in similar cartoons, and they have been irreplaceable in the minds of that generation for many years
Dunk master (animation)
The cartoon "slam dunk expert" was adapted from a real event. Sakuraki was a real person. However, he was killed by a car later. He was still young when he died. At that time, it was considered to be the biggest loss in Japan's basketball industry. It was also reported at that timeWhat are the Japanese animes about basketball
Dunking expert dunking boy shot in zero seconds (now it has been made into a TV series. The first episode was broadcast last week. It was performed by Yamashita Zhijiu. It is broadcast once a week)
What are the current basketball themed animes or cartoons
And the characters don't have much color. Compared with the characters in dunk, there aren't many impressive characters in zero second shot. Most of the popularity gained by "zero second shot" is based on the signboard of "basketball cartoon on the well"How much is the cartoon ending of "dunk boy"
Volume 17 and 18 of comic book part 1 can be connected because the plot of comic book and animation is not exactly the same
What are the Sports Animation
Slam dunk masters, sunspot basketball, tennis prince and so on are all popular sports animesRecommend several animes with handsome male protagonists and strong sports ability
Strange studenDunk juvenile animation  Sakuragi to treatt next door: male host Yoshida Chun, a first-year student of Songyang University, is Kan's classmate and neighbor. His grade is the first. He is his No. 1 competitor in learning and the only one who has lost in learningIntroduction to dunk youth
Dunk boy is adapted from the cartoon of the same name by the popular Japanese cartoonist eight gods haoshu. It describes the story of a group of Mizuho high school students who like basketball and are hot for basketball. That is, the ace player Aikawa Heyan in Tiantong Temple High School suddenly transferred tDunk juvenile animation  Sakuragi to treato Mizuho high schoolHow many basketball themed animes do you know
The protagonist of sunspot's basketball is a dreamy sixDunk juvenile animation  Sakuragi to treatth person who opens an external plug-in. The protagonist and his new partner vowed to defeat their old teammates (playing lurking with their husband)
Dunk juvenile animation Sakuragi to treat

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