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Slam dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbei

2022-06-24 03:30Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Did Shanwang win the slam dunk master finale or did Xiangbei winThe final result was that Xiangbei defeated the defending champion Shanwang team in the past 16 years and advanced to the top 8. As a re
Did Shanwang win the slam dunk master finale or did Xiangbei win
The final result was that Xiangbei defeated the defending champSlam dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbeiion Shanwang team in the past 16 years and advanced to the top 8. As a result, the vitality of Northern Hunan was seriously damaged, and the back of Sakuragi path was injured... In the third round, I was against Aihe college, but because I consumed too much physical strength in the war with the mountain king, and Sakuragi was injured in the back and could not participate in the competition, I was defeated miserably, and the national competition in Northern Hunan was overDoes Xiangbei vs Shanwang, a slam dunk expert, have an animated version? Finally, did Xiangbei win Slam dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbeithe national championship? Xiangbei
Who is the most valuable player to win in Xiangbei vs. Shanwang in the national slam dunk Master Competition
Sakuragi flower path is the most valuable player. Without sakuraki, Mitsui really climbed down early. It can be said that sakuraki revitalized Mitsui. Sakuraki told Akagi how to play with a stronger opponent through his performance. In the real sense, sakuraki explained what is a person who controls the reboundWhich episodes are the slam dunk masters from Xiangbei to Lingnan, Xiangyang and Shanwang
74. The most dangerous challenger 75 Best performance 76 A premonition of victory 77 You are the strongest 78 Fighting with fish 79 Lingnan's counterattack 80 Disturbing factors in Northern Hunan 81 Sendao fire 82 Sakuragi gives full play to his skills 83 Mu Mu's persistence 8
Slam dunk master how did Xiangbei turn over in the final attack and defense conversion against Shanwang_ Baidu knows
(1) Zebei Rongzhi shows the demeanor of the first expert. Shanwang regains the lead. At this moment, coach tangben thinks that Xiangbei has not stopped. If both sides are allowed Slam dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbeito arrange their tactics and settle the situation of positional warfare, it is better to take advantage of the chaos and let Shanwang fight back directly. In addition, if there is no pause at this time, Sakuragi cannot be replaced, so Shanwang has a better chance of winningWhere is a dunk master (Xiangbei vs Shanwang) cartoon
Therefore, the ending of slam dunk master is: in the national competition, Xiangbei defeated the upper world champion and everyone was injured or seriously tired. In the next game, he lost to Aihe school, and Shan Wang took the second place. Who was the first place was not clearThe battle of Xiangbei vs Shanwang in the national slam dunk master competition How did you throw the last ball Who
The mountain king surpassed by one point with 8.2 seconds left. Finally, Liuchuan Feng led the ball across the court, and finally assisted Sakuragi flower path to throw a winning shot against the free throw line. You can find the 3D version on the Internet. The dunk expert Xiangbei vs Shanwang made by netizens themselves
Which part of Xiangbei vs Shanwang industry is a slam dunk master
Pro, there is no second cartoon in the animation version. The cartoon starts from 25 volumes and starts from Xiangbei vs Shanwang industry until the last 31 volumes
Dunk master Xiangbei vs Shanwang
Before and after 50
Please, the starting lineup of the dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbei
No. 5 Bianye, No. 7 Hetian (I don't remember someone calling him by his name, but only his surname. His brother is No. 15 mitsuji Hetian, No. 9 cSlam dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbeihibei, No. 4 Shenjin, No. 8 yizhicang Cong. This order is arranged according to this picture
Slam dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbei

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