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Slam dunk Season 2

2022-06-24 00:10Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Dunk master part IISlam dunks now have only the first film, not the second. Reason: absolutely true news from Japan: "the cartoon" slam dunk master "was adapted from a real event. Sakuraki wa
Dunk master part II
Slam dunks now have only the first film, not the second. Reason: absolutely true news from Japan: "the cartoon" slam dunk master "was adapted from a real event. Sakuraki was indeed a real person, but later he was killed by a car. He was still young when he died. At that time, it was considered to be the biggest loss in the Japanese basketball industry, which was in
Do slam dunks have a second one
The slam dunk master has the second one. Brief introduction to Slam dunk Season 2the plot of the second episode: dominating the country! Cherry Blossom Road (Xiangbei vs. jinjiuwu) - in the first game of the National League, Xiangbei defeated Fengyu high school, A-level team, after a hard battle, while Liuchuan Feng's eyes were bumped and swollen by nanlie, the other team leader. Fortunately, nanlie sent Liuchuan anti swelling medicinSlam dunk Season 2e after the gameSomeone who knows the second slam dunk
Obviously, it is already a completely new work. Why do you want to continue with the second one?). In addition, Inoue likes the name of Liuchuan Maple very much, which also appeared in his early works, and it is easy to cause misunderstanding that it is Guan gaoxu. Another "dunk boy" claims to be the continuation of "dunk height"Does the blue master have a second movie
No, in addition to episode 101, there are several other Theatrical Editions, which can be regarded as the second one - it is about the national competition. You can go to Youku to see it
Who can provide slam dunk master part 2
The part of the national competition will not be made, only cartoons. The failure to make the animation is just that Inoue and Dongying, who made the animation of slam dunk masters, have a contradiction. Inoue is dissatisfied with Dongying's animation of slam dunk masters. Later works have also satirized it. There are also claims that there is a contradiction in the price. In short, neither of them has said the specific reasonIs there a second slam dunk
I can be very responsible to tell you that there is no second film, that is, the name of the national competition shot by an individual is still a slam dunk expert, but I can't find it on the Internet. Oh, it's too early. I hope the answer can help you
Dunk master part II
2. Slam dunk master theater version (dominate the country! Cherry Blossom Road) 3 Slam dunk master theater version (the biggest crisis in Northern Hunan! Cherry Blossom Road ignites fighting spirit) 4 Slam dunk master theater version (roar! The soul of a basketball player! The hot summer with flowery lanes) 5 Dunk Master special edition (determined Xiangbei basketball department) download address: http://search 。What is the ending of slam dunk 2
As for some people who asked whether Northern Hunan would continue to be strong in the next year? Maybe not. If you really want to know, just ask nobuhiko Inoue himself, unless he has the possibility to write slam dunk Master 2, but this is very slim. In a word, there is no absolute strong player on the court. After all, basketball is not played aloneSlam dunk Master II
There is no sequel to slam dunk. The slam dunk expert only has the TV version and the previous ova. Nobuhiko Inoue only drew the original comic book containing the above plot. Then there are other versions of cartoonsSlam dunk master has part 2 no
Er ~ ~ ~ to be exact, it's fSlam dunk Season 2ake ~ ~ ~ the national competition was not made into animation.. Only cSlam dunk Season 2artoons. Slum Dunk There are 1-31 volumes of cartoons in total. Among them, 1-22 volumes were made into 101 episodes of animation, and the remaining 23-31 are national competitions. It was not made into animation, so you can only read comics
Slam dunk Season 2

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