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Dunk master quote "compared to your own wrist"

2022-06-23 23:34Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Classic quotes from slam dunksWhat are the famous quotes in the cartoon17. It's obviously spring outside, but it's cold winter in my heart... Sakuragi road slam dunk master 18, "compared with
Classic quotes from slam dunks
What are the famous quotes in the cartoon
17. It's obviously spring outside, but it's cold winter in my heart... Sakuragi road slam dunk master 18, "compared with my own wrist, I will choose to win youth studies as a minister" ~ Tezuka Guoguang - tennis prince 19. "It's better not to judge a person only by his appearance and impression
Inspirational quotes from various animation heroes
For example, "pirate king", "fire shadow", "slam dunk master", "Conan" and other famous cartoon protagonists, the more, the better, to separate! It's better to be inspirational and humorous! If you give a good score, you can add pointsFamous basketball sayings
Don't give up easily. Once you give up, the game is over Coach ansey. (characters from slam dunk Master) 2 any weapon made to attack me will be destroyed, and any speech that slanders me in court will be convicted. (a passage from the tattoo on McGrady's right arm, excerpted from the Bible) 27What are the classic Japanese lines in the slam dunk master
Japanese version of classic lines: the meaning of the lines of the Japanese version of the slam dunk master is "the end of the trial". If you give up, the game will be over. The cause of the defeat was private. The contestant of Lingnan was the highest! The reason for the failure is meCollect the classic sayings of Liuchuan maple. More is bettDunk master quote  er
Power: trigger unprecedented violence among slam dunks. Scene: Xiangbei vs Xiangyang when XiangbDunk master quote  ei is suppressed by Xiangyang's momentum and can't play... Sakuraki: why don't you pass the ball to Miyagi: although it is a goal, it will be better if you pass the ball? Liuchuan: you are all clumsyAmong the dunk masters, which one is the most distracted
Mitsui: coach, I want to play basketball... This sentence is a classic forever. Sakuragi path: I am a genius. These two sentenDunk master quote  ces are the most impressiveA classic quote from a slam dunk expert
It's been 8 years since I saw a slam dunk master. I can't remember how many times I've revisited it in these 8 years! This is my collection of Guan Gao's classic quotations. Let's share them with you! I think even if I don't prompt, as long as you are a real SD fan, you will know under what circumstances you said it! ha-ha! Shimura Yeba: sorry, sakurakiFamous words and sentences with philosophy in animation
"I'm not the man Mitsui who won't give up at last." Mitsui - slam dunk master 27. The man who can foDunk master quote  rgive a woman's lies is the real man—— "The pirate king" 28, "it's better not to know than not to see it anyway." Nobuki Hattori - famous detective Conan 29Ask for the classic words from the dunk master
4 you talk a lot today ~ ~ (duliuchuan ~) 5 you are still young... The road to the national competition is really hard... 6 you are a funny guy (to sakuraki...) Sakuraki is about to become like sakuraki. 8 ah Mu: "young man, don't think I will let you dunk easily
Dunk master quote "compared to your own wrist"

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