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Dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbei

2022-06-23 17:05Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Slam dunk expert: when Shanwang fought against Xiangbei, Yi zhicang Cong had only one steal? I thought I was a defensive expertThe master of dunking must be an animation that everyone has seen since c
Slam dunk expert: when Shanwang fought against Xiangbei, Yi zhicang Cong had only one steal? I thought I was a defensive expert
The master of dunking must be an animation that everyone has seen since childhood. This is a very hot-blooded sports basketball animation. Because this animation is also relatively early, it has even become a reason for the beginning of our childhood basketball dream. In fact, there is a recognized defense expert among the slam dunksSlam dunk expert at the end of the battle between Northern Hunan and Shanwang industry, why did Yashi Kada persuade Sakuragi to end
Slam dunk master is a very popular basketball animation, which has brought many wonderful games to the audience. It is not only very enthusiastic, but also deeply loved by many basketball fans. Especially in the last game of Shanwang industry against northern Hunan, it created a visual feast for the audience. In the late stage of the competition, cherry blossom path was injuredDunk master Xiangbei vs Shanwang
Before and after 50
How do you comment on the night of October 25, when yoshihihiko Inoue announced the theme of the slam dunk master film: North Hunan vs mountain king
It's a pity that the climax chapter of slam dunk master "national competition" has not been animated. Many netizens have speculated that the content of the theater version of the film is not an animated national competition. On the 25th, INSDunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbei broke the news that the plot was the most important Xiangbei vs mountain king in the comic version. If it is trueAmong the dunk masters, if the national competition is a seven game four win system, can Xiangbei win the mountain king
I think in the animation of dunk master, if the national competition is a seven game four win system, Northern Hunan has a chance to win the mountain king. Because the Mountain King team is quite light of the enemy, it never thought it would lose, so it will take things lightly in many gamesIs Xiangbei's hard power much weaker than Shanwang in the natDunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbeiional slam dunk contest
In the "slam dunk master" national competition, the hard power of Shanwang Gongye is the ceiling of Japanese community high school, but Shanwang will also have a shock in competitive sports. Shanwang rookies have analyzed why they lost to northern Hunan for countless times. This time, let's talk about the comparison of hard power between Shanwang Gongye and Northern HunanIn dunk master, is it only Xiangbei team that can beat Shanwang
In the victory over Shanwang in Northern Hunan, Mitsui shot eight out of ten with the same three-point ball. This hit rate was completed under Matsumoto's close defense. Even the aura of the leading team can't give Mitsui such a powerful golden finger so blatantly; The abnormal play of Shenjin, the defender of MiyagiSlam dunk master how did Xiangbei turn over in the final attack and defense conversion against Shanwang_ Baidu knows
(1) ZebDunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbeiei Rongzhi shows the demeanor of the first expert. Shanwang regains the lead. At this moment, coach tangben thinks that Xiangbei has not stopped. If both sides are allowed to arrange their tactics and settle the situation of positional warfare, it is better to take advantage of the chaos and let Shanwang fight back directly. In addition, if there is no pause at this time, Sakuragi cannot be replaced, so Shanwang has a better Dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbeichance of winningDid Shanwang win the slam dunk master finale or did Xiangbei win
The final result was that Xiangbei defeated the defending champion Shanwang team in the past 16 years and advanced to the top 8. As a result, the vitality of Northern Hunan was seriously damaged, and the back of Sakuragi path was injured... In the third round, I was against Aihe college, but because I consumed too much physical strength in the war with the mountain king, and Sakuragi was injured in the back and could not participate in the competition, I was defeated miserably, and the national competition in Northern Hunan was overDunk master, why is Mitsui Shou's performance the trump card of Northern Hunan in the first World War
It can be said that without the good performance of Mitsui, the confidence and enthusiasm of the players in Northern Hunan will be greatly damaged. The above figure is a technical statistical table of the players of Shanwang vs Xiangbei teams made by friends who like dunking experts. It can be seen that Mitsui Shou is the player with the most total scores in Xiangbei, and his hit rate is too high
Dunk expert Shanwang vs Xiangbei

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