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Dunk King this is dunk

2022-07-03 15:01Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Wang Honghuang Yujun is 1.71 meters but 8 times the king. Why does he become the big demon of the wild fieldIn recent years, variety shows such as "this is dunk" and "I want to play basketbal
Wang Honghuang Yujun is 1.71 meters but 8 times the king. Why does he become the big demon of the wild field
In recent years, variety shows such as "this is dunk" and "I want to play basketball" have become popular with many Street players and college players. However, although most of them are not eligible for the professional league, they are still beyond the reach of ordinary people. After all, ordinary people are not as tall as they areThrough the slam dunk, a novel with the abilities of Qingfeng Dahui, Lvjian, ziyuanchun characters in the basketball of sunspots_ Baidu
Slam dunk demon comes
"This is dunk" if you want to rank players' strength, who is the strongest
Meng Xiang: Captain Hua has outstanding strength. Students who know about the Cuba competition should all know this one, but the program didn't give him much exposure. His strength is absolutely excellent, such as Yang Haozhe. Zhang Ning: it's a big demon level player shaped by the current program. It's strong, but it's definitely not the same level as all guardsWhat are the differences between the aj11 slam dunk and the demon king
1. The outsole has different colors, as shown in the figure on the left, "slam dunk" is white, and "demon king" is blue. 2. The Jumpman logo on the heel is different in color. 45 is "demon king" 3 The texture of lacquer skin is different. Although both are black, the "big demon" is the texture of lychee skinIs there any good-lookDunk King  this is dunking Japanese animation
Highly recommended: Earl and goblin (the characDunk King  this is dunkter is very beautiful, and the male owner is absolutely black), vampire knight (all kinds of beautiful men, the two male owners are very personalized, campus class) golden strings (campus class, and the painting style is also very beautiful
Slam dunk master: did Sakuragi flower path anDunk King  this is dunkd Kiyoko finally get together
After all, there is the Anxi demon king he is most afraid of in Northern Hunan. Later, under the pressure of dog friend Mitsui Shou, he had no choice but to go to the Xiangbei basketball team to make trouble, which triggered the famous civil war in modern history. Because he was afraid that Anxi might appear at any time, the fighting time was extremely shortened and he was killed by cherry blossom path. Seeing coach Anxi appear, he was scared and ran away directly, andThe sports program "this is dunk" is fiercely opposed. What are its favorite points by the audience_ Baidu knows
Once again, the jteam team originally had a big demon level player, iron bull, who also left the team for no reason. I don't know whether it's the deliberate action of the program group or the problem of the players themselves. Of course, these don't affect the excellence of the game. Now Lin Shuhao has returned to the United States because of NBA games, and jteam has replaced his new mentor Yi Jianlian. Lin Shuhao leftIs there a dunk master with the ability of sunspot's basketball characters
The black basket is as warm as jade
Why can't I watch this is dunk 3
Wang Shipeng, the iron faced coach who won countless fans with strict training and outstanding command ability in the second season of dunk, continues to be in charge of the coach. In addition, Zhu Fangyu, a Chinese men's basDunk King  this is dunkketball player and general manager of Guangdong Hongyuan club, the "demon king" of CBA Xinjiang team, and Zhou Qi, the best defensive player of CBA Xinke, also participated in the programWant to know what is pure original? Company goods? True mark? A? Currency! Simple and clear
Simple and clear! I want a simple and clear explanation of Chunyuan company goods true standard super a
Dunk King this is dunk

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