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Where the slam dunk master

2022-07-03 03:11Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What position does everyone play in Xiangbei, a slam dunk masterSakuragi path: power forward Kawakami: small forward Gangxian Akagi: Center Mitsui: shooting guard Miyagi Yoshida: point guard Komiyama:
What position does everyone play in Xiangbei, a slam dunk master
Sakuragi path: power forward Kawakami: small forward Gangxian AkagWhere the slam dunk masteri: Center Mitsui: shooting guard Miyagi Yoshida: point guard Komiyama: forward
In slam dunk master, where are the two schools in Northern Hunan and Lingnan respectively in Kanagawa Prefecture
Kamakura, Fujisawa, Maoqi and Hiratsuka. The coast of southern Hunan is a famous resort in Japan. Southern Hunan is one of the economic, industrial, cultural and port centers of Japan. And the slam dunk master cartoon Xiangbei high schoolWhat moved you most in slam dunk master
I feel that in "slam dunk master", what I see from Sakuragi flower path is more about growth, what I see from Liuchuan maple is more about inspiration and indomitable, and what I see from Akagi Gangxian is more about dreams. Takehiko Inoue left more than half of his feelings to Mitsui. The person who impressed me most after watching slam dunk master was himWhat scenes does jiangzhidao appear in slam dunk masters
Among the slam dunks, there is a place called Xiangnan near Tokyo, which is about an hour's drive away. It includes jiangzhidao, Kamakura and other places with fascinating scenery. In addition, the scene of a dunk master at Kamakura beach has attracted countless fans. Start from Shinjuku in Tokyo and take the ODA express line to FujisawaFilm review of slam dunk Masters
Dunk master is the collective memory of people born in the 1980s. It has conquered countless beautiful hearts with exquisite pictures, vivid themes, typical characters, exaggerated techniques of expression, and classic story structure. Japanese animation art is broad and profound, good films are huge, and popular all over the world has not been in recent years, but the author believes that it can be "love"What volume of the cartoon is the place where the dunk master animation is finished

Among the slam dunk masters, what do you regret
The biggest regret, of course, is Sakuragi's injury. Northern Hunan experienced the yama war and finally became the whole. Akagi and Mitsui's cover three points, Liuchuan Feng was upgraded to the core of the all-round flank attack, Sakuragi's help defense of Japanese high school students was the first, and Miyagi's fast break withstood the yama test, and his confidence burst. If this team can fight onStudents said that the scene at the beginning of each episode of slam dunk master iWhere the slam dunk masters real. Do you know any relatives
Yes, the tram junction where sakuraki waved to Kiyoko at the beginning of the slam dunk master is the place where the Japanese river power passes. The shooting location of dunk masters is Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The coast where cartoons often appear is the south coast of Hunan in Kanto, Japan. The prototype of Lingnan high school in the animation is Kamakura high school in Kanagawa Prefecture, whichWhat is worth learning from slam dunks
Besides basketball, it's not what you can learn, but what you should learn. I think I'm a genius! I translate it into a kind of self-confidence in awe of myself. This sentence is forWhere the slam dunk master you. Not only "slam dunk master", many comics actually have similar roles. Strong self-confidence makes them exertWhere the slam dunk master incredible powerIn slam dunk master, apart from Xiangbei not winning the championship, what else do you regret
However, everyone was surprised by the serious injury in Cherry Blossom path, which also made them miss the winter competition. It has to be said that this is one of the most regrettable places among slam dunks. So I feel sorry that in "slam dunk master", besides Xiangbei didn't win the championship, Xiandao couldn't go online to the national competition
Where the slam dunk master

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