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Jiangzhidao dunk master jiangzhidao station

2022-07-03 01:35Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Where is the classic Railway Station shot of a dunk master in JapanKawajima station, Kamakura City, KanagawaSlam dunk master Jiang Zhidao watchtower through time and spaceJiangzhidao watchtower looks
Where is the classic Railway Station shot of a dunk master in Japan
Kawajima station, Kamakura City, KanagawaSlam dunk master Jiang Zhidao watchtower through time and space
Jiangzhidao watchtower looks like a building of the future world. The most famous watchtower appeared in the very popular animated film "taritari" a few years agoWhat scenes does jiangzhidao appear in slam dunk masters
The scene of a dunk master at Kamakura beach has attracted countless fans. Starting from Shinjuku in Tokyo, Jiangzhidao dunk master  jiangzhidao stationtake the ODA express line to Fujisawa, and then you can choose. Those who only go to jiangzhidao can continJiangzhidao dunk master  jiangzhidao stationue to take the pink ODA express line, while those who want to take the jiangzhidao green tram to Kamakura and other places should choose the green lineSlam dunk master Sakuragi Flower Road railway station
The yingmu Huadao railway, a slam dunk expert, is the South Hunan coast station. The coast of the opening song should be the coast of southern Hunan, and the river island is located in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. In ancient times, only at low tide can a sand spiJiangzhidao dunk master  jiangzhidao stationt leading to this island from the opposite coast of southern Hunan be seen. At high tide, the island of the river was once independentWhat are the interesting things about Kamakura University, the prototype of Lingnan University in slam dunk master
The holy land of slam dunk master fans - "Kamakura University" clocks in. Fortunately, the weather today is really very good, with blue sky and white clouds and a clear sky (brain Tiktok Divine Comedy...)... It is possible to take a group of clocking tourists' photos well ~ it is still a few small tips to offer it ~ jiangzhidao trams generally wait for more than ten minutes before they startWhere is the story of your favorite slam dunk master
The uniforms of Xiangbei team are inspired by Chicago Bulls, while those of Hainan team are inspired by Sacramento Kings. As for scenes, many scenes in SD are from Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is basically along the south coast of Hunan, which starts from the river island. The two scenes with the highest frequency in SDHow did the exploding slam dunk master change Japanese basketball
Until today, the real scene in slam dunk master is still a pilgrimage place for many Chinese fans. In the "survey of consumption trends of foreigners visiting Japan" released by the Japan tourism agency in 2016, Kanagawa Prefecture's Kagoshima tram and Kagoshima station ranked second among the "Japanese scenic spots that Chinese people most want to visit Japan", second only to Mount Fuji in JapanIs it false to ban the shooting of slam dunk master
In fact, the whole journey of jiangzhidao electric railway is very short, only 10 kilometers, but 15 stations are set. From the beginning, it is positioned to serve residents and facilitate residents' daily activities. But because the platforms of blissful temple and Kamakura university meet the sea, plus the magic of "irrigation man master"In slam dunk master, where are the two schools in Northern Hunan and Lingnan respectively in Kanagawa Prefecture
The coastal area in the north of Xiangmo Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture, extends to Yeshan in the East and Daji in the west, including five cities: Douzi, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Maoqi and Hiratsuka. The coast of southern Hunan is a famous resort in Japan. Southern Hunan is one of the economic, industrial, cultural and port centers of Japan. And the slam dunk master cartoon Xiangbei high schoolWhere is this place in Japan? I know there is this place in reality ~ ~ thank you_ Hundred
It was not until the Kanto earthquake that the island rose as a whole that it became a landform connected with the opposite at any time. Jiangzhidao, a green island located on the coast of southern Hunan, has become the travel destination of more and more tourists because of its beautiful seaside sJiangzhidao dunk master  jiangzhidao stationcenery and fresh literary style
Jiangzhidao dunk master jiangzhidao station

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