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Dunk, brother

2022-07-02 07:53Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What are the names of the five protagonists of the slam dunk masterThe archetype of the character in the slam dunk master 1. Rongzhi ZABEI - "penny" hadavi honestly said that when reading the ca
What are the names of the five protagonists of the slam dunk master
The archetype of the character in the slam dunk master 1. Rongzhi ZABEI - "penny" hadavi honestly said that when reading the cartoon, he completely didn't think of the relationship between "penny" hadavi and Rongzhi meimian. When he first saw the argument that "hadavi is the archetype of Zebei", he was stunned at firstWhy is Li Tienan, a slam dunk expert, so good to Mitsui? How do they know each other
After Mitsui returned to the team, his words "this is better for you now, goodbye, sports boy" gave Mitsui great encouragement. But the original subordinates rebelled, and he was besieged by people led by dragons at this time. With the support of Mitsui and Sakuragi legion, he was able to retreat completelyRun, brother. What's the name of the anime playing basketball in the fourth quarter and eleventh episDunk, brotherode
Dunk master
Why do you like slam dunk
Liuchuan Feng has all the qualifications that make girls fall in love with him. He is handsome, unruly, indifferent, and has a strong self-esteem. The most important thing is that he is a well deserved Royal player in Northern Hunan. He can always surprise Northern Hunan and surprise everyone, even if his opponent is the strongest chibei RongzhiThis is the announcement of the slam dunk entry interviewer. Do you think this program is good
Many people know that Li Chen's more famous variety show is "run, brother". Li Chen's physique has always been good, and it is estimated that there is no problem playing basketball. Ou Hao is a young actor. He used to be a happy male voice, and he also likes fitness very muchSome people still love slam dunk master. Have you seen this animation
"Slam dunk master" also carries our dreams. Blood, brothers, girls who Dunk, brotherlaugh at you, have cried and lauDunk, brotherghed together, and fought together. This kind of memory can only become more and more precious with the precipitation of time. Youth is not old, and memory does not disperse. A very inspirational animation, in which there are many relaxed and humorous passages, is relatively close to realityWho are the character archetypes of dunk masters in NBA
Rodman saved the ball in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, jazz versus bulls! The slam dunk master ended in 1996. Wake up... Rodman learned the cherry blossom path is almost the same... Inoue has repeatedly stated that the cherry blossom path model is not Rodman, and Liuchuan Feng is just a fan of Jordan; Liuchuan has physical strength, communication problems, NoSlam dunk master has been 21 years. Why do you like slam dunk master
No reason, because he is a slam dunk, because he is a slam dunk master! A talented young Liu Chuanfeng, who is stubborn and eDunk, brotherager to develop in the NBA, plays alone and crazy, that is, to win, that is, to strive to surpass. He is arrogant. In the face of Sakuragi, he is merciless everywhere. He challenges Sakuragi and Mitsui to prove that he is aceWhat are the names of the four brothers in Cherry Blossom path
When the basketball team fight was held accountable, Akagi was speechless, and everyone was also very worried about whether the basketball team would be dissolved. In the end, Yangping and others stood up and took the blame. Although they were punished for "thinking about it against the wall" for three days, they saved the basketball team and protected the cherry blossom path. And LingnanNational slam dunk contest animation
There are five theatrical versions of slam dunk masters:
Dunk, brother

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