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How about dunking

2022-07-01 20:51Basketball player Jordan
Summary: How to say dunk in EnglishDunk dunk English: dunk dunk read French and English [d&652; &331; k] beauty [d&652; &331; k]vt. immerse (food) in liquid; Dip (someone or something) in the w
How to say dunk in English
Dunk dunk English: dunk dunk read French and English [d&\652; &\331; k] beauty [d&\652; &\331; k]vt. immerse (food) in liquid; Dip (someone or something) in the water vt.& VI. (basketball) put (the ball) into the basketHow to dunk
Take the ball with both hands first and throw it out. This is the most basic. Dunk is when you run to the white line, quickly take the ball and dunk in three steps
How to dunk basketball
Therefore, the alternative center himself will not describe too much, and this class is divided into five parts to report on the attack skills. The center's hit rate under the basket, whether it How about dunkingis layup, dunk, or shooting, can be called the top in the FS, but it is not a blind attack at willHow to practice dunkHow about dunking quickly
First, the most important thing is that you are longing for dunkingHow to practice dunk
How to practice dunk before you want to jump in succession, you should first makHow about dunkinge clear why you practice bouncing. I think the ultimate goal of most people whoHow about dunking like basketball is to practice bouncing, right? That's the bright dunk! So what I said is all about how to make you dunkHow to dunk
You need to have a good bounce. You need to jump more than 20 cm above the basket frame to complete the dunk. Secondly, you also need technology. Jumping alone is not enough. My classmates can touch the top edge of the black frame on the backboard, but they are still not able to buckleHow to dunk? How high is it
It's about 75 meters tall. You can catch the ball with one hand. After all, it's lower to grab the ball with one hand and fill the basket than to pick up the height with both hands. Run up at home and dunk with both hands. You should jump 80 cm. Your feet are 80 cm away from the air and touch the high point. You should make it clear that it's more difficult to take off with both hands than with one hand. If you can catch the ball with one hand, you should help the other to fillHow can I dunk
Basic bounce force. Bouncing power can overcome certain height disadvantages. Good bouncing power is the basic practice of dunking: rope skipping, high jumping, squatting and jumping stairs, frog jumping and other explosive power. Explosive power undoubtedly makes dunking necessary. Strong explosive power is very useful practice: sprinting, shot put, long jump and other skills, dunking is a technical activityHow to dunk
If you are not in good health, practice jumping. As for the small hand problem, I also have it. I can just hold the basketball, so don't try to pour it from top to bottom. It should be to push the hand flat to the front, press the wrist against the rim of the basket, and push it into the basket with the palm of the hand. It should be possible to practice more times. Dunk is not safeHow to dunk
Only when the dunk value reaches a certain value can it be deducted, and there is physical strength. The take-off point affects the high flying players with high dunk value. When they go under the basket, pressing any of the four keys of star button + throwing and passing jump button is bound to buckle, and the posture is different
How about dunking

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