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Slam dunk cartoon 23-31 left

2022-07-01 17:04Basketball player Jordan
Summary: How many cartoons are there about slam dunk master? How many volumes are there? What's your nameInoue's works, ---sd, comics, a total of 1-31 volumes, of which 1-22 volumes were made into 101 ep
How many cartoons are there about slam dunk master? How many volumes are there? What's your name
Inoue's works, ---sd, comics, a total of 1-31 volumes, of which 1-22 volumes were made into 101 episodes of animation, and the remaining 23-31 are national competitions. It was not made into animation, so you can only read comics The SD painted by Inoue only lasts until the end of the national competition, that is, Sakuragi goes to the seaside to recuperate, and Liuchuan runs to show off his jerseyHow many dunk master comics are there
4. Slam dunk master theater version (roar! The soul of a basketball player! The hot summer with flowery lanes) 5 Slam dunk expert special edition (determined Xiangbei basketball department) watch online: It is worth mentioning that Inoue is eight years after the end of SD comicsHow do you evaluate the historical status of slam dunk master comics and animation
I think the work of dunk master has irreplaceable unique charm. In my opinion, it is the only classic animation that is worth seeing no matter what you like. After many years, it is still a work that will be discovered by young audiences. He may not be the best-selling comic in historyHow many dunk master comics are there
The slam dunk master created by Yan is called SD for short. It has a total of 31 volumes (the mainland usually sSlam dunk cartoon  23-31 leftells 5 copies in the form of four in one piracy), of which 1-22 volumes have been made into animation, that is, the 101 episodes of animation we saw on TV, and the remaining 23-31 volumes, that is, the so-called national competition, have not been made into animation, so if we want to watch it, we can only watch comicsHow many episodes are there for slam dunks
What is the ending of the slam dunk master cartoon
Xiangbei entered the national competition and was rated as the lowest level C team by sports magazine. In the first round, facing the Fengyu team who once mocked xiandaozhang, everyone didn't perform well due to tension at the beginning of the game. With the gradual deepening of the competition, Yoshida Miyagi, Akagi and maple Liuchuan all achieved the level of rolling and gained the leading edgeThere are two versions of dunk master comSlam dunk cartoon  23-31 leftics. Is there any difference
The two are exactly the same in content. In addition to these two versions, the slam dunk master comic book also has a new edition of slam dunk master. This edition is composed of 31 volumes of the old edition and re chapters based on the competition results. This edition has only 20 copiesSlam dunk master: if the cartoon continues, what kind of plot will you expect
Let's talk about some reverie about the hot blooded cartoon dunk master. As a sales miracle in the history of Japanese comics, slam dunk masters still maintain the second best sales record in the history of Japanese comics, but it is a pity that slam dunk masters do not have a long number of episodes and no seasonsWho Slam dunk cartoon  23-31 leftis the comic author of slam dunk master
Inoue Takehiko, formerly known as Takehiko, was born in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, on January 12, 1967. Japanese famous cartoonist, whose works include slam dunk master, destiny strong hand, wanderer, etc. In March, 2011, after the earthquake in Japan, he encouraged the affected people through his hand-painted cartoon "smile"How many volumes of slam dunk master cartoons
The slam dunk master comic booklet has a total of 31 volumes, the full version has a total of 24 volumes, and the new edition has 20 volumes. There is no difference in content between the three. The booklet was released when the slam dunk master serialized it, with a total of 31 volumSlam dunk cartoon  23-31 leftes. Later, after the slam dunk masters finished, the Jiying society released a full version in 2012, with 24 volumes in total. And
Slam dunk cartoon 23-31 left

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