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2022-06-23 02:13Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What are some common dunks in the NBAIn the air relay, a player throws a basketball to another player. After the catcher catches the ball in the air, he directly buckles the ball into the basket. Of c
What are some common dunks in the NBA
In the air relay, a player throws a basketball to another player. After the catcher catches the ball in the air, he directly buckles the ball into the basket. Of course, it also counts as throwing into the basket. Windmill dunk windmill dunk refers to a highly difficult dunk in which both hands grasp the ball and rotate it in the air (360 degrees) and then buckle it into the basketTop ten NBA slam dunks
The first place in NBA perfect dunk: Vince Carter. Vince Carter of the New Jersey Nets is the best dunk player in the League at present. Every time he dunks, he is soul stirring. You can't tell what dunk he wants to do before he takes off. Whether it's a 360 degree spin, a windmill, an air relay Dunk NBAor a dunkWho are the archetypes of dunk masters in the NBA
The following is a comparison of the character archetypes of dunk masters in the NBA: 1 Dennisrodman vs sakuraki flower path (power forward): sakuraki has grown to the end in basketball and his offensive ability has improved. Rodman was a scoring maniac in college, scoring 20 points in a single game was like a common occurrence, but after entering the NBA, he focused on defense rather than attackNBA dunk contest
Introduction to the dunk scene of the competition the NBA all star game was included in the dunk competition, which not only made the all star game more exciting, but also promoted the continuous change of basketball technology. With the development of basketball game, the dunk contest is also gradually improving. Before 1984, the NBA all star game had only one content, that is, the East West all star gameThe most powerful NBA dunk skills how to dunk the most powerful NBA
Introduction to the strongest NBA dunk skills some players found that they could not complete the air dunk all the time. Later, they found that they stood under the basket, kept their teammates, themselves and the basket in the same line, and then passed the ball to their teammates, and their teammates would dunk in the air. Then we finished the air dunk easily. Hahaha, I didn't expect itWhat are the famous stars in the NBA dunk contest
Famous stars iDunk NBAn the NBA dunk contest include: Michael Jordan, Dominic Wilkins, spotwebb, Kobe Bryant, Vince CarterDunk NBA, Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson, Jason Richardson, Blake Griffin, etc. the NBA All-Star dunk contest is an important event of the NBA All-Star weekendWho are the top ten dunks in NBA history
"Essence of human film", a real dunk expert in NBA history. Julius Owen height: 10 points aesthetic feeling: 9 points strength: 9 points creativity: 10 points expressiveness: 10 points although Dr. J has never won the NBA dunk contest, he is the first 'flying man' to take off from the free throw line to dunkWho was the first man to dunk in NBA history
The first man to dunk in NBA history was wilt Chamberlain: height 2.16 meters, weight 125 kg, center. Born on August 21, 1936, he studied at the University of Kansas. NickDunk NBAnamed Big Dipper and Big Dipper. Chamberlain is one of the greatest scorers in NBA historyWho was the first person to dunk in NBA history
There is no way to prove this. Because in the early NBA, dunking was regarded as the most unskilled action, which was despised by those who bullied people by their height. Dunking in the game was even considered an insult to basketball. At that time, the NBA pursued the so-called "orthodox basketball", emphasizing tactical coordination rather than dunking performanceTop ten NBA dunks
It has become the first and only white "dunk King King" in the history of NBA dunk contest. He is the pride of all non black people=== No. 10 = = = smiling killer -- McGrady McGrady's dunk is far less terrible than his shooting. His dunk often makes people feel soft and powerless. But he
Dunk NBA

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