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Three point dunk three or two points

2022-07-01 02:49Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Basketball, take-off dunk at the three-point line, is it three points or two pointsAccording to basketball rules, the shooting score of basketball is determined by the position of both feet at the mom
Basketball, take-off dunk at the three-point line, is it three points or two points
According to basketball rules, the shooting score of basketball is determined by the position of both feet at the moment before the ball is released. The inside of the three-point line (including the three-point line itself) is two points, the outside of the three-point line Three point dunk  three or two points(excluding the three-point line itself) is three points, and the free throw is one point. When you have the ability to take off and dunk from outside the three-point line, you are three pointsThe three-point dunk is a unique skill of alphabet brother. Who else in the league can do it
Letter brother began to dunk at the three-point line. Rondo conducted the air defense test. Jordan and Leonard are now the top three players in the NBA. They have many similarities. For example, they are both offensive and defensive stars. But in the eyes of many people, George and Leonard still have a certain gap, especially in talentMitsui and nanlie, the three-point shooters in slam dunk master, what factors lead to different careers_ Baidu
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I'm Mr. maple. In "slam dunk master", the three-point shooter, as the main scoring force of the team, has many performance opportunities. In tThree point dunk  three or two pointshe work, there are several very powerful shooters like KojiroDid Michael Jordan really take off and dunk on the three-point line
Wilkins' third deduction was too simple. He only got 45 points, which gave Jordan a chance to surpass. As long as he got 49 points, he could win the championship. Jordan felt the pressure at this time. He looked at the sideline. "Dr. J" Owen pointed to the other end of the field and motioned Jordan to take off and dunk again with the free throw line. Jordan accepted his suggestion, maybeWhy do so many people roast about Mu Mu's three-point shot in slam dunk master
I don't know when, "Mu Mu threw three episodes with a three-point shot" became a procrastination in the TV animation version of slam dunk master. When I was a child, I thought I was Sakuragi and Liuchuan, so I didn't like the slightly mediocre Mu Mu. When I grew up, I realized that most of us had become Mu Mu MuDunk counts as three points. If you don't score a free throw, you have to deduct points. What are the wonderful basketball rules in the mysterious country of North Korea_ Baidu
North Korea's basketball rules are very interesting, very much to Rodman's appetite. In order to develop its own basketball level, North Korea has greatly revised the rules of the International Basketball Association, forming a unique North Korean rule. In North Korea, the dunk in the game was not two points, but three pointsIs the NBA three-point line take-off dunk a three-point or a two-point
Of course, you can throw three points without jumping. The principle is the same. Your feet are completely outside the three-point line, and you'll be fine after you throw the ball. So the take-off dunk outside the three-point line is a three-point dunk. The key points of shooting three-point ball are as follows:; You must pay attention to the movement of one hand. The forearm and the rear arm form a 90 degree angle, and the elbowWhat's the score for a dunk from the three-point line
But this is obviously impossible. In real life, even if it is a professional player without any auxiliary tools, I believe no one can dunk at the three-point line! After all, the three-point line is too far from the basket, and it is difficult for ordinary people to dunk under the basket, because their jumping ability and dead time are limited. And under the influence of gravity, three pointsIs there a three-point dunk
Three point dunk currently exists.. Dunk is a fancy play in basketball, which is the most exciting and can make the audience feel high. Especially when the basketbalThree point dunk  three or two pointsl enters the basket, it often makes people worry about whether the basket will be broken. There is no difference between a dunk and a dunk. Dunk, alThree point dunk  three or two pointsso known as dunkIs it true that Michael Jordan took off from the three-point line and dunked
It's not true
Three point dunk three or two points

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