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Pf plus dunk Practical trouble

2022-06-30 20:54Basketball player Jordan
Summary: How to increase the dunk distance of PF? Thank you very much for your practical troubleBuy shoes and jump or directly buy a suit +10 blue board and 11 jump. The distance PF can also add button blue de
How to increase the dunk distance of PF? Thank you very much for your practical trouble
Buy shoes and jump or directly buy a suit +10 blue board and 11 jump. The distance PF can alPf plus dunk  Practical troubleso add button blue depends on jump. Thank youStreet basketball pf Top + CIC or + dunk
So prisoners of war and other such dunks will feel easy to buckle up. It's the same with dunk ability! Other people think that this kind of dunk is not easy to take, so it may be that the hit is lower than other dunks.. Again. Someone upstairs said that PF was mainly a board, and that they didn't pay attention to scoring. It is better not to listenHow to cover a pf dunk
The disadvantage is that if he doesn't dunk, but uses three-step layups, he can't cover it. As for which method should be used in the game, he should also practice both methods more at ordinary times. After becoming proficient, he will have a feeling. I use PGWhat is the function of street basketball pf plus dunk
As well as the probability of being capped, PF has f free dunk, and the usual dunk is 10 points, 7 points and 8 points. It can only be said that the dunk increase is high, and the probability of being capped is small. However, the inside C has high hat ability now, as long as the time point is rightHow does pf improve dunk speed
First hit the defender with the w back, then quickly turn in the opposite direction, and then increase the speed by F. remember not to do the false and real movements Press f with a slight amplitude
Street basketball pf plus ability + medium pitch or + dunk please
You'd better dunk and bounce. Who do you compare with when you run? The CIC naturally has a small front or a guard in charge, while the big front eats by bouncing. It is impossible for the backboard to surpass the center, so add the bouncing and at least press the other big front! Please accept if you are satisfied
Pf clothing plus capacity.. About dunking or shooting under the basket
Layup with the ball affects dunk hit. You can't find the ability to dunk in the ability value, but you can see that it is such an ability when you buy the ability clothes. In "layup with the ball / dunk", you can add dunk ability by selecting this oneHow does pf cover the dunk
1. Cover the blue button of technology [the magnificent version of blue] method: not every dunk has the prompt sound of slamdown. Then consider the distance between the dunk man and you and other factors. It's a joke to listen to slamdown! However, it is a fact that slamdown is particularly easy to be covered. It may have something to do with the hapless soundHow to use street basketball pf free dunk
It's because someone between you and the basket is in the middle (teammates are also counted), and the distance between this person and you is less than the distance you fly when you take off and dunk, so you will be talented. There may also be that you are too far from the basket and do not bounce enough. You can go to the free room and buckle it a few times. Close deduction, the same reason, unlessPf dunk problem
PF can make f far deduction as long as the landlord's bounce ability is greater than or equal to 75, and any far deduction skill can be used. However, in the middle positiPf plus dunk  Practical troubleon, even if the bounce reaches 100, do not conPf plus dunk  Practical troublesider the small circle above the free throw line to dunk. As a result,Pf plus dunk  Practical trouble the whole audience may hit two English letters RC
Pf plus dunk Practical trouble

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