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Sunspot dunk also basketball theme

2022-06-30 20:09Basketball player Jordan
Summary: It is also a basketball theme. Why is slam dunk master a classic and sunspot's basketball criticized_ BaiduThe main reason is that "slam dunk master" is more realistic and more respectful of
It is also a basketball theme. Why is slam dunk master a classic and sunspot's basketball criticized_ Baidu
The main reason is that "slam dunk master" is more realistic and more respectful of basketball. Although the plot of "slam dunk master" also exaggerates the ability of Japanese high school basketball players, at least we can say that even if Japanese high school students can't use those basketball skills, at least professional athletes can use themWhich is better, sunspot's basketball or dunk master
"Sunspot basketball" and "slam dunk master" are both representatives of basketball animation, not only in the basketball field, but also in all ball animation. But as the saying goes, "two tigers are not allowed in one mountain". Which one is more classic, sunspot's basketball or dunk master? Let's have a look. There is no proofWhich one is better than "slam dunk master"
I don't know basketball shoes at all, but I remember sakuraki's pair of handsome and explosive aj1 black and red. In the future, all clothes with digital patterns only recognize Red Size 10. Personally, I think "slam dunk master" looks better, although I haven't seen "sunspot's Basketball"! Watching slam dunk master happened to be in the reading periodWhich work is better than suSunspot dunk  also basketball themenspot's basketball and slam dunk master
As for the comparison between slam dunk and sunspot, the most acceptable one is to wait for the sunspot cartoon to break the 100 million yuan mark. The most acceptable comparison is not a product of the same era, and there is no comparability at all. However, we may all hope to become the same people as Sakuragi flower path after reading slam dunk master, but who do you want to be in the sunspotIs "sunspot's Basketball" an animation to replace "slam dunk master"
So "slam dunk master" is more realistic in characterization and can resonate with people to a certain extent. "Sunspot basketball" this animation is really very good. However, this animation has not been as popular as slam dunk master, but it still has great potentialHow to evaluate the two cartoons about basketball, slam dunk master and sunspot's basketball
Only from the perspective of cartoons, the painting style of dunk masters, the performance of basic basketball movements, the atmospheSunspot dunk  also basketball themere of the entire stadium, and the description of life details are much higher. Those who love comics may like basketball of sunspots, but those who love basketball must like slam dunk masterWhy is "sunspot's Basketball" so popular? What are the differences between this cartoon and slam dunk master
Compared with sunspot's basketball, slam dunk is a native sport. It does not have excessive legendary basketball skills and luxurious visual impact. Some are just ordinary and general ideals and the pursuit of perfection. It bears the weight of young people in 80/902 timesIs "sunspot's Basketball" an animation to replace slam dunk masters
Even if he dunks in Cherry Blossom path, he can do it as long as he is tall enough and exercises regularly. In fact, people 1.7 meters tall in the sports school can dunk. On the other hand, sunspot's basketball had a bad start. The strongest basketball player in high school felt invincible and boredPlaying basketball together, why is slam dunk master praised while sunspot's basketball criticized and insulted
Compared with slam dunk master, sunspot's basketball is very unprofessional. Many basketball skills are wrong. After reading it, you find that you haven't learned any basketball knowledge except those cool Superman skills. Don't be discouraged. It's normal. Because the author himself is a basketball blindWhich works of "sunspot's Basketball" and "slam dunk master" are more in line with your understanding of basketball animation
However, many unreasonable action scenes in the animation do not look like basketball players' normal playing postures. Therefore, many technical details of slam dunk master are depicted by static scenes. If faSunspot dunk  also basketball themens look carefully, they will find that the athletes' eyes Sunspot dunk  also basketball themeare constantly turning and thinking when the time is suspended
Sunspot dunk also basketball theme

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