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Street basketball dunk

2022-06-30 13:02Basketball player Jordan
Summary: How to risk a dunk in street basketballFirst of all, you have to master the other team's skills for dunking ~ my personal view is that a simple dunk is going to dunk in its direction and then press
How to risk a dunk in street basketball
First of all, you have to master the other team's skills for dunking ~ my personal view is that a simple dunk is going to dunk in its direction and then press the block. For other special dunks, I generally don't take the risk to interfere with grabbing the second rebound ~ I am also a PF. Now the PF dunk probability has been reduced ~ the hit rate has decreased significantly. I think the interference is more suitable for the presentHow do street basketball bullfights dunk
It's OK to jump high. PF can dunk casually with free buckles
Street basketball C dunk skills
C can still grab the board and assist. Scoring is not the focus of C, and rushing to dunk and score will be disgusted bStreet basketball dunky his teammates, while the opponent is laughing. If you want to dunk, you'd better get rid of your opponent and take a step from the penalty line to the rebound footHow to dunk in street basketball
C can dunk with both hands, it depends on your skill F can dunk with one hand, but g can't, but when G reaches level 15, PG can dunkStreet basketball pf all dunk how to cap, specific introduction
Posture is only for show In fact, all dunks started to fall to the highest point after he jumped up. I felt that he was about to buckle to the basket Then you stand directly opposite himStreet basketball dunk and press D to cover himAbout street basketball dunk
LZ in fact, the dunk in streetball is regular. The first dunk in every game is usually an ordinary dunk, that is, there is no fancy dunk. When you install Kobe Bryant's single handed dunk and hard dunk skills, you will follow this rule when dunking: ordinary dunkHow to cover a street basketball dunk
Ordinary remote buckle. When you take off, your hands will straighten out and you can shout. One hand buckle. I think it's a handsome move. After taking off, after he reaches the maximum range with his hand, cover!!! You can't escape. Kobe dunk. This dunk is a counting skill. Not many people use itStreet basketball dunk, but it is not practical. The act of looking for a hatHow to dunk in street basketball
C has almost a 50% chance to launch a slam dunk randomly at the early stage of building a character. The skills you buy must be from freestyle, that is to say, they appear randomly. First of all, you have to determine your bounce range. Don't make RC (talent) shooting. Lay up in the direction +d within your bounce rangeStreet basketball g how to dunk
Big brother, you're a novice -- street basket fStreet basketball dunkrom 2008, G only needs to bounce + height greater than or equal to 200How do street baskets dunk
According to the direction of the basket +d, pay attention to be near the basket. There is a chance. The higher the bounce and dunk, the better
Street basketball dunk

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