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Slam dunk master full version from november3,2013

2022-06-30 05:33Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Dunk master? (1993) Baidu cloud no deletion full version online viewing,? Nishizawa shinhyo? DirectedSince november3,2013, in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the animation du
Dunk master? (1993) Baidu cloud no deletion full version online viewing,? NishSlam dunk master full version  from november3,2013izawa shinhyo? Directed
Since november3,2013, in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the animation dunk master, the remade HD version of dunk master has been broadcast. In order to please Keiko Akaki, a secret love object at the same level, Sakuragi flower path, which had no basketball foundation, joined the basketball team before thinking about itWhat is the difference between the mainland version and the Hong Kong and Taiwan version of the slam dunk master full version? How much is the paper difference, and how much
The mainland version = = that is, the Changchun version has an additional part for the surrounding areas = = the paper and translation quality, and the scanning level are not worth starting with. It is excluded that the Changchun version is started for the surrounding areas. The Hong Kong version may have some translations that our mainland people are not used to, such as translating Sakuragi's title to Huateng into two cakesOn the problem of slam dunk master full version cartoon
Because you are looking at piracy. Dunk is really only 31 volumes, and there is no so-called full version. It is all at end of the weekly. A few years ago, Inoue held a painting exhibition of a slam dunk master ten days later, but they were all painted on the blackboard with chalk and were not published. Look here 。What's the difference between a slam dunk master (new version) and a slam dunk master (full version)
There is no difference in content. It's just that the number of papers is diSlam dunk master full version  from november3,2013fferent. There are only 5 volumes pirated in the mainland. The Hong Kong version is 31 volumes. The daily version is 24 volumes
There are two versions of dunk master comics. Is there any difference
No difference. The 31 copies were the pamphlets issued when the slam dunk masters were serialized. There were 31 copies in total. After the slam dunk masters were finished, the Jiyingshe reprinted and released the 24 full edition in 2012. The content of the two is exactly the same. Except for these twoSlam dunk master full version  from november3,2013 versionsIf you want to start a complete version of the slam Slam dunk master full version  from november3,2013dunk master, you'd better go to the cutting-edge publishing house or Changchun publishing house
Slam dunk expert complete edition of cutting-edge Publishing House: 1k2~1k3. Before, the publishing house only had 900 activities, but it didn't catch up... Changchun Publishing House: 800~900. This is the first brush. In the future, it should be reduced after the normal full version is released. Choose a trustworthy store on Taobao, and then understand the publisher's information and priceWhat is the so-called full version of dunk master comics
Well, the first sentence, LZ, I have a lot to say.. Some may seem like nonsense to you.. But trust me.. I just want you to better understand that LZ's is a full version. Changchun publishing house should not have been officially authorized by Japan, although there is any genuine authorizationHow many copies of the slam dunk master's comic book
And the full version is to decide whether to make or not according to the sales volume and popularity of the comic after the comic series. Slam dunk master complete version of a total of 24. So, in terms of contentWhat is the meaning of the slam dunk master cartoon full version? Is it the same as the 31 comic books published in Changchun? Like Changchun
Added beautiful colorful title page and sulphuric acid paper hazy effect. Paper and printing are more advanced. In addition, it adopts 25K large format binding, which makes it more enjoyable in both hand feel and visual enjoyment. Another point is that the full version is 24 volumes. To sum up, the full version is more inclined to collect. PS: since it is for collectionHow many versions of the original cartoon are there? What does the full version mean? It includes the content after ten days
There are only two versions. The previous version is 31, the full 276 is the old version, and the later full version is the rearranged version, a total of 24, with the cover painted by the great God Inoue, but the content has not changed. There is no content after ten days. It will be published separately after ten days
Slam dunk master full version from november3,2013

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