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Slam dunk team

2022-06-29 13:04Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What does slam dunk sayAfter Wang Li persuaded Shijie to play basketball, he took Shijie to the first university to persuade President Zhou to let Shijie join the team. Shijie desperately wants to att
What does slam dunk say
After Wang Li persuaded Shijie to play basketball, he took Shijie to the first university to persuade President Zhou to let Shijie join the team. Shijie desperately wants to attract Lily's attention. What's hateful is that Lily focuses all her attention on Xiao Feng, the man of the moment in the basketball school team. So Shijie swears that he must give Xiao Feng a good look on the basketball courtWhat is the name of the captain of the basketball team in the slam dunk
Chen Bolin is not a newcomer. He has acted in a lot of movies. Hell, he did the 10 ways
Introduction to Jay Chou dunk
Kokakawa, one of the largest publishers in Japan, immediately purchased the copyright of the slam dunk in advance when he learned that director zhuyanping was going to continue shooting Kung Fu series. The kung fu dunk shot by director Zhu this time also contains many Kung Fu elements, which continues its style of 20 years ago. The director needs to be creative about Kung FuTeam names in dunks
First college team
What is the name of the team in Jay Chou's dunk
The first college basketball team movie channel has just finished
Main contents of slam dunk
Uncle Li (played by Zeng Zhiwei), who lives on the street, has so many ideas. One day, he accidentally saw Shijie's perfect shooting skill, and immediately invited him to play basketball in the first universitSlam dunk teamy on the grounds of finding relatives for Shijie. In fact, he wanted to use Shijie to make money. After Shijie joined the teamWhat is the main performance of slam dunk
Jay Chou, the leading actor, is the "king of popularity" in today's Chinese music world. He has strong popularity and is also the biggest highlight and hot spot of the film "slam dunk". Taiwan Idol stars chenbailin, chenchuhe and the pure and lovely a SA have also become the "signboSlam dunk teamard" lineup of the film. "Red flowers should be matched by green leaves"6� Who played the basketball team captain and Xiao Lan in the slam dunk
"Slam dunk" has attracted many famous actors. In addition to Director Zhou, guest stars in the film include Zeng Zhiwei, Wu Zongxian, Wang Gang, Huang Bo, Yan Ni, and youth actors chenbailin, chenchuhe, caizhuoyan, etc. I believe these supporting roles will also attract many audiences. Dingwei (chenbailin): Lily's brother, the captain of the first university basketball teamThe fireball team in the slam dunk is almost the same as the thunderbolt beacon wolves in the basketball fire_ Baidu
Because the captain of thunderbolt beacon wolves is a member of the fireball team
How to rank the combat effectiveness of Sakuragi army among dunk masters
In the slam dunk, the basketball team trains and plays hard to win the national championship. The top five playerSlam dunk teams of each team are the people who attract the most attention of fans. But there is a deeper feeling than returning from the sea. The configuration of the five of them is irreplaceable. They don't play basketball togSlam dunk teamether, but gather together to play small steel cannons
Slam dunk team

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