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Slam dunk expert episode 55

2022-06-29 00:06Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Why is the dubbing of dunk master episode 55 differentGive full play to their due level. Let the dubbing personnel on the Mainland become the shortage of dunking experts. Later, when the mainland was
Why is the dubbing of dunk master episode 55 different
Give full play to their due level. Let the dubbing personnel on the Mainland become the shortage of dunking experts. Later, when the mainland was allocated to episode 64, due to the economic improvement, they bought the version starting from episode 65Dunk master animation directory
There are 101 episodes of the animation slam dunk master. The contents are as follows: the birth of a talented basketball player, the smashing of basketball, the flower path vs. Liuchuan gorilla vs. flower path, the ultimate duel.Slam dunk expert episode 55 The basketball player flower path enters the team. In the afternoon when there is no enthusiasm, Liuchuan vs. Akagi master duel. 7. The flower path debut! Burst into bottle 8Is there an episode in which slam dunks play maple Liuchuan
Episodes 54 and 55. From the second half of episode 54, he began to play maple Liuchuan and continued to play until episode 55. Most of episode 55 is about maple Liuchuan. These two episodes are about Liuchuan Feng's counterattack after Akagi's injury. Episode 38 Xiangyang is competing in Xiangbei. I hope you are satisfiedWhich episode is maple Liuchuan playing the teacher among the slam dunks
Hehe, I am an expert in dunking. In the 13th minute of episode 55, maple Liuchuan changed hands in the air and dunked on the head of a mu! Go and have a look
Maple Liuchuan strikes back at Hainan which episode
A: it's episode 55. The slam dunk master 55-2, Liuchuan Maple stunned Hainan and Akagi returned. Can not help tears, this is not animation, this is my youthFor the name of each episode of Slam dunk expert episode 55slam dunk master, thank you, especially for the competition
Episode 57 Anxi, the bet for victory! Episode 58 a group of stubborn guys! The last ten seconds of episode 59 --- the moment of life and death episode 60: the desperate Northern Hunan episode 61: the skinhead's counterattack episode 62: special training for three days episode 63: the battle of the summit! Hainan vs Lingnan episode 64 dunk expert episode 65 is the strongestWhich episodes of slam dunk masters are the best to watch
Episodes 10 and 91 are impressive. Two very happy episodes. They are the story of Sakuragi and Liuchuan coming and going between the basketball halls, and the happy story of four main players of the Xiangbei team who had to take a make-up exam at Akagi's home in order to participate in the national competition. Episode 8 Qingtian persuades sakuraki to join the judo department. There is a fight part, which is also very happyWhich episode is the outbreak of maple Liuchuan in Hainan
Maple Liuchuan's attack on HainaSlam dunk expert episode 55n is the 55th episode of slam dunk master. Episode 55: Hainan affiliated high school and Xiangbei basketball team, the King team that has set a glorious record of entering the high school league in the past 16 years, launched the first game of the joint finals to compete for the right to participate in the national high school league<& lt; Dunk master >& gt; Sakuraki kills people with his eyes

How many episodes did Xiangbei lose to Hainan
If there is no accident, the landlord should ask sakuraki about the shaving game after losing the gaSlam dunk expert episode 55me. If you remember correctly, Xiangbei vs Hainan - 88:90, Xiangbei lost 2 points, and sakuraki finally grabbed the rebound. As a result, he mistakenly thought that Gaosha was Akaki, passed it to Gaosha, and then time was wasted
Slam dunk expert episode 55

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