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Yanyi, a slam dunk expert

2022-06-28 17:02Basketball player Jordan
Summary: About the Japanese names of slam dunk MastersXiangtian Yanyi (xiangtian Yanyi (あいだこいいち) Fukuda Jizhao (Fukuda Jizhao (ふくだきっちう) YUEYE Hongming (YUEYE Hongming (このろあき
About the Japanese names of slam dunk Masters
Xiangtian Yanyi (xiangtian Yanyi (あいだこいいち) Fukuda Jizhao (Fukuda Jizhao (ふくだきっちう) YUEYE Hongming (YUEYE Hongming (このろあき) planting grass wisdom the wisdom of planting grass (うえくとと〢きき〢ききいけがみりょょいけけがょ)
How to find Yanyi in the top duel of slam dunk Master 2
He's usually at the bench next to him
The mantra of a dunk master
Sakuraki: "because I am a genius ~ ~" Liuchuan: "idiot..." Akaki: "dominate the country!!" Coach Anxi: "ha ha ha ha -" (this is also a sweat) Yuzhu: "down with Akagi!" Yanyi: "we should observe carefully."All the names and sounds of the dunk Masters
Xiangtian Yanyi (xiangtian Yanyi (あいだこいいち) Fukuda Jizhao (Fukuda Jizhao (ふくだきっちう) YUEYE Hongming (YUEYE Hongming (このろあき) planting grass wisdom the wisdom of planting grass (うえくとと〢きき〢ききいけがみりょょいけけがょ)
When the score was 88:86 in the slam dunk match between Xiangbei and Lingnan, why did Yan Yi say Lingnan had defended
Because in order to strengthen the intensity of the basketball game, it is stipulated that the ball must be shot within a certain period of time, and the ball must touch the basket after the shYanyi, a slam dunk expertot, otherwise it is an example of attack. The NBA game is 24 seconds, but the dunk master seems to have 35 seconds of offensive time. Therefore, if Northern Hunan is prevented from taking action by the other side within the offensive timeWhy is Yanyi, a slam dunk expert, called Sakuragi Huadao elder? Weren't they born in the same year
If Yan Yi wants to join the school team, he can't see sakuraki, a talented player. Of course, he is called a senior
Introduction to dunk Masters
Name: Anzai (cv: known by Nishimura) nickname: white haired ghost (white haired devil), white haired Buddha, Dad (special for sakuraki) prototype: Phil Jackson (good at using psychology to motiYanyi, a slam dunk expertvate team members' morale and reconcile team contradictions) is an unpredictable figure among dunking masters. He used to be a basketball player representing Japan and became a college basketball player after retirementDunk master
”3: Yes~4: first of all, the problem is neither failure nor bad. Among the slam dunksXiangtian Yan, Che Gukong or zhangjiacheng have no talent. Why do they insist on playing basketball
Because thYanyi, a slam dunk expertis is a matter of personal love and hobbies. You don't have to have talent to do what you like. This problem should be recognized. After reading the "slam dunk master", you must know that xiangtianyanyi is 1.65 meters tall. He has no ability to form a basketball team. To put it bluntly, he doesn't even have a Lingnan shiYanyi, a slam dunk expertrt. HeSlam dunk expert Ling Nan Youyan, an intelligence expert, didn't find the reason for the disagreement between the cherry blossom path and Liuchuan maple
Otherwise, it is impossible to practice in the gymnasium alone on a stormy night and vent with the Cherry Blossom Road. However, nobiko Inoue still couldn't make maple Liuchuan cut into the short hair of Sakuragi flower path, because... Cutting hair to show ambition and long hair indulgence are the common designs used by nobiko Inoue in slam dunk master
Yanyi, a slam dunk expert

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