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Kanagawa slam dunk expert how to evaluate

2022-06-28 12:01Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What is the basketball skill of Kobe Ichiro, the scoring king of Kanagawa Prefecture in slam dunk master? How to evaluateThere are many players with strong basketball talent and strength in slam dunk
What is the basketball skill of Kobe Ichiro, the scoring king of Kanagawa Prefecture in slam dunk master? How to evaluate
There are many players with strong basketball talent and strength in slam dunk master, but only a few can be named. Every team has its core players. FoKanagawa slam dunk expert  how to evaluater example, Mu Shenyi of Hainan team is called a divine player. After all, he has strong basketball strength and skillsDunk master, why is takeri high school, the top four in Kanagawa Prefecture, so watery
The strength of Kanagawa high school basketball team is uneven. It should be lucky that takeri can reach the top four of the county competition. In fact, according to the setting of dunking experts, the only king in Kanagawa county was Hainan team before the emergence of Northern Hunan. Even Xiangyang was able to compete with Hainan a little in the plot cycle. ItsWhat is the impact of the sudden rise of Northern Hunan in basketball in dunk master on the basketball arena in Kanagawa_ Hundred
Slam dunk masters can be said to be one of the childhood memories of countless people. Even though it has been over for many years, it is still a good thing for countless people. I believe many people who have seen the ending of the cartoon will feel very sorry. They have said that their youth stayed in that summer. At the end, Northern Hunan did not win the first place in the country, but there is no doubt thatHow to evaluate the basketball skills of Kanagawa scoKanagawa slam dunk expert  how to evaluatering King Ichiro Kobe in slam dunk master
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. In slam dunk master, Shinzo Ichiro has always been regarded as a simple catch and break up. Relying on Mu Shenyi's strong breakthrough ability, he won the honor of a Shen as the scoring king in the countyIn slam dunk master, where are the two schools in Northern Hunan and southern Lingnan respectively in Kanagawa county
The coastal area in the north of Xiangmo Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture, extends to Yeshan in the East and Daji in the west, including five cities: Douzi, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Maoqi and Hiratsuka. The South Hunan coast is a famous resort in Japan. The South Hunan region is one of the economic, industrial, cultural and port centers of Japan. And the slam dunk master cartoon Xiangbei high schoolSlam dunk master: who is the best player to choose from a team from Kanagawa Prefecture
The overall strength of Kanagawa PrefecKanagawa slam dunk expert  how to evaluateture in SD is particularly strong. If Akihito's teammates take turns to play Akita with Yama Wang as his staff, Kanagawa is likely to win the championship. However, the conclusion is not very easy to tell if we only choose the best five people to fight the king of mountains for industrial production. It is not easy to have any objection to the selection of Kanagawa No. 1 central defender Akagi Gangxian for the position of central defenderIn slam dunk master, fujishin and Mu Shin are called double walls in Kanagawa. Can they be equal
Shinji Fuji and Shinji Fuji are known as the double walls of Kanagawa county among the slam dunks. This is because Hainan affiliated high school and Xiangyang high school are two powerful teams of Kanagawa county. Hainan affiliated high school has won the championship of the Kanagawa county competition for 17 consecutive years. Shinji Fuji and Shinji Fuji are also the core figures of these two teamsSlKanagawa slam dunk expert  how to evaluateam dunk is Komiyama the sixth strongest player in Kanagawa Prefecture
If we compare the backup lineups of the main teams in Kanagawa Prefecture, in fact, the gap in strength is not too large. Although kimmu Gongyan is the strongest backup player in Northern Hunan, there are still many defects in his personal ability. In fact, there are not many dunk masters depicting the substitutes of each teamRational analysis of "dunk master" who should be the strongest five person team in Kanagawa Prefecture
The strongest members of Kanagawa's 5-person team are: Akaki Gangxian, Makoto Hideki, Kawakawa maple and Mitsui Shou. The only one that is worth discussing is the position of power forward, because Sakuragi flower path is very strong in defense, and can also undertake the task of center and grab rebounds togetherWhat is the basketball skill of Kobe Ichiro, the scoring king of Kanagawa Prefecture in slam dunk master
In slam dunk master, Shanwang industry is generally regarded as the Wang team. The reason why it lost to the Xiangbei team is the need of the plot. The lineup of Shanwang industry is basically the All-Star level of national high school basketball. In fact, this lineup should not lose to Xiangbei, but the strange thing is that their unified hairstyle is too unattractive
Kanagawa slam dunk expert how to evaluate

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