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Dunks and black baskets and visual effects

2022-06-28 04:12Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Which works of "sunspot's Basketball" and "slam dunk master" are more in line with your understanding of basketball animationIn the cartoon version of sunspot's basketball, the athle
Which works of "sunspot's Basketball" and "slam dunk master" are more in line with your understanding of basketball animation
In the cartoon version of sunspot's basketball, the athletes' actions are completely coherent and normal, and the visual effect is gorgeous. This is in sharp contrast to slam dunk master, which is more like a product of the era of Robo cat. The characters in the Q version are closer to perfectionWhat do you think is the difference between dunk master and sunspot's basketball
The author of the black basketball was created from the angle of otaku, who wanted to use basketball to set off the struggle and friendship of ordinary people. Why do many people say that dunking is more classic than black basketball? Because the author's creative point of view is different. Basketball, a competitive sport, depends on talent very much. Even if you work hard without talent, you can't succeed. ThDunks and black baskets  and visual effectse author of black basketball doesn't understand basketballThe difference between sunspot's basketball and dunk master
Sunspot's basketball and dunk masters are not a level of animation at all. Sunspot's basketball is beyond realityWhich work is better than sunspot's basketball and slam dunk master
As for the comparison between slam dunk and sunspot, the most acceptable one is to wait for the sunspot cartoon to break the 100 million yuan mark. The most acceptable comparison is not a product of the same era, and there is no comparability at all. However, we may all hope to become the same people as Sakuragi flower path after reading slam dunk master, but who do you want to be in the sunspot"Slam dunk master" and "sunspot's Basketball" are both talking about basketball. Which is better
In slam dunk master, male No. 2 Liuchuan Feng can be said to be one of the most popular roles. His handsome appearance and superb ball skills are deeply loved by girls both inside and outside the works. In the plot, Liuchuan Feng always regards xiandaozhang, the ace of Lingnan team, as his goal, and always wantsDunks and black baskets  and visual effects to defeat him, onlyTake "dunk master" and "sunspot's Basketball" as a comparison. Which one is more classic
Answer: of course, it's a slam dunk master. A slam dunk master is the dream of a generation. It's a classic that wins all youth through hard work and sweat. This classic can't be compared againIt is also a basketball theme. Why is slam dunk master a classic and sunspot's basketball criticiDunks and black baskets  and visual effectszed_ Baidu
As for sunspot basketball, I personally believe that the modeling of the role is distinguished by color and skin color. If the hair style and color are removed, many characters have the same face. The difference between painters and dunks is not a little (this is not to say that sunspot's basketball is not good, but it's just that compared with dunks, it's really not suitable, and you can taste it carefully, sunspot
Which one is better than "slam dunk master"
The author of the dunk, nobuhiko Inoue, is a real basketball fan. He participated in the basketball department when he was a student and once went to the NBA to draw a dunk. So many teams and players who dunk can find the prototype, as well as the action. For example, Liuchuan corresponds to Jordan, Akaki corresponds to Ewing (the famous star of the New York Knicks in the 1990s), Mori corresponds to Shaquille O'NealWith the same basketball theme, why can't "sunspot's Basketball" compare with "slam dunk master"
Of course, depending on the production level, the sunspot basketball in the animation can kill the dunk, because the dunk animation is, after all, a product of the last century, and the Remaking has not changed much. In terms of cartoon painting style, I think the dunk is beDunks and black baskets  and visual effectstter than the black basket. Those who have read the cartoon will know that the black basket has many thick linesWhich is better, sunspot's basketball or dunk master
"Sunspot basketball" and "slam dunk master" are both representatives of basketball animation, not only in the basketball field, but also in all ball animation. But as the saying goes, "two tigers are not allowed in one mountain". Which one is more classic, sunspot's basketball or dunk master? Let's have a look. There is no proof
Dunks and black baskets and visual effects

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