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2022-06-22 20:31Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Get a high score for the complete collection of the Chinese version of slam dunk masterHalf of the 57-64 episodes downloaded from the Internet are the disgusting mainland dubbing version. Today, with
Get a high score for the complete collection of the Chinese version of slam dunk master
Half of the 57-64 episodes downloaded from the Internet are the disgusting mainland dubbDunk mastering version. Today, with the help of a netizen, I downloaded 57-64 episodes of Taiwan version. It's really great! Then I searched it myselfWhich is more famous, a baseball hero or a dunk expert
The circulation of slam dunk master comics exceeds 100million copies, while the circulation of baseball heroes exceeds 50million copies. The sales of slam dunk masters are more than half that of baseball heroes. Slam dunks are more popular in China, and many people like them. I was born in 1995, and I prefer slam dunks. I went to the Internet to read them. Although baseball heroes are also classicsWhat is the real ending of the slam dunk master? How are all the characters
。 Then there is a very funny plot that Liuchuan "brushes" his coat and shows Sakuragi the youth team uniform inside. But I saw the "slam dunk master > super complete ending" in the cherry blossom path bar of Baidu Post Bar
About "slam dunk master"
There are five theatrical versions of slam dunk masters: 1 Slam dunk master theater version (Sakuragi flower path vs ODA) 2 Slam dunk master theater version (dominateDunk master the country! Cherry Blossom Road) 3 Slam dunk master theater version (the biggest crisis in Northern Hunan! Cherry Blossom Road ignites fighting spirit) 4 Slam dunk master theater version (roar! The soul of a basketball player! The hot summer with flowery lanes)
What are the parts of the original dunk master
Rich fans can throw money at it. The above is quoted from Baidu dunk master bar reference:
About slam dunks
As for the cartoon, the battle of the mountain king was over. According to Inoue, he said that "the sequel will be painted", but it seems that it is a distant future. At present, Inoue's masterpiece is the wanderer's journey. After a period of rest, the second one has also been launched. If you are a loyal supporter of Inoue, go and cheerClassic words from slam dunk Masters
Maple Liuchuan: "love... Sleep..." source: when freshmen enter the basketball department, they say personal information, Liuchuan language.. Dunk masterSakuragi said, "I am a genius!!!" Source: it seems that cherry blossom path will say so at any time24 complete Taiwan editions < Dunk master > Where can I doDunk masterwnload the electronic version of full color
Go to the slam dunk expert post bar to ask. There was a post there that provided the full version of the download, but I only downloaded six volumes. Later, a group also provided the download, because the computer hard disk was too small to fit, because there was a 31 volume e-book and 101 Japanese animationDunk master
I don't know if you mean this: it should be the only follow-up to the slam dunk master that can be called Inoue painting. In December2004, in order to commemorate that the cumulative sales of the slam dunk master exceeded 100million copies, Inoue took the name of his company ""Who knows the ending of the slam dunk master
This cartoon is to commemorate Sakuragi's prototype painting. Sakuragi is doomed to die. Therefore, in order to avoid the sadness of many fans, the author did not draw any more, but there are five theater versions. The cartoon "slam dunk master" is based on a real event. Sakuraki is real
Dunk master

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