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Classic lines of dunk Masters "2" brother glasses

2022-06-27 00:13Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Classic quotes from slam dunk mastersAston, wait, waitWhat are the classic lines of slam dunk mastersSakuragi 1 "but I always think there are five seconds left! Pass! Pass!" 2 "brother glasse
Classic quotes from slam dunk masters
Aston, wait, wait
What are the classic lines of slam dunk masters
Sakuragi 1 "but I always think there are five seconds left! Pass! Pass!" 2 "brother glasses, everyone stay back. Don't come here. It's dangerous here. 3 because I'm a basketball player. 4 maybe
Classic lines of slam dunk Masters
Classic lines of dunk masters &\xe768; Let me answer 3 quesClassic lines of dunk Masters  tions \hot discussion \? Anonymous user 2013-07-13: I'm a geniusClassic quotes from slam dunk Masters
Hate lose, a classic quote from a slam dunk expert. So what? My eyes are dry. If Yamagata is the first team in Japan, I will destroy it. I am the first in Japan. I will also go to the United States. I will never lose after I beat youWhat are the classic Japanese lines in the slam dunk master
Japanese version of classic lines: the meaning of the lines of the Japanese version of the slam dunk master is "the end of the trial". If you give up, the game will be over. The cause of the defeat was private. The coClassic lines of dunk Masters  ntestant of Lingnan was the highest! The reason for the failure is meClassic lines of dunk master (Cantonese version)
Sakuragi casts a spell on Liuchuan Maple: No, no, no... (that action plus sound, I can only say, sakuraki, you are too dumped) sakuraki: under the backboard is my world, I am the backboard king sakuraki flower path! (narcissistic) sakuraki: I aClassic lines of dunk Masters  m a genius! (continued narcissism) sakuraki's nicknClassic lines of dunk Masters  ame for people: gorilla, monkey boss, wild monkey, middle-agedWhat are the classic lines of a dunk master
I am the king of talented rebounds. Sakuragi flower path. Under the backboard is my world national competition. It is daddy. When is your glorious era? At the national competition? I.. I only have now! Have the determination to break one's wrists! Mitsui, I want to play basketball very wellA dunk expert has a line that our team has no talent but we are the strongest. How can you
Many people like this animation, because the animation characters and content design are very brilliant, plus the theme is also more attractive. But I like watching basketball masters because there are many classic lines in addition to the wonderful clipsWhat are the most compelling lines in dunk master
I think it's the following lines. In addition to the hot-blooded basketball animation, "slam dunk master" is also a humorous and funny animation, especially in temperamentThe most burning words of a slam dunk expert
Dunk master's most burning words: do you like playing basketball? I believe this is the first sentence many people remember when they first read the cartoon slam dunk master. At that time, the cherry blossom path was falling into the trough of being dumped for the 50th time. At this time, the sweet and pure looking Akiko came to him
Classic lines of dunk Masters "2" brother glasses

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