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2022-06-26 23:29Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What is the number of the main players' jerseys of Zhongling South and Xiangbei, a slam dunk expertNo.: No. 4 position: center height: 202cm weight: 90kg sneakers: ASICs grade: third grade nickname
What is the number of the main players' jerseys of Zhongling South and Xiangbei, a slam dunk expert
No.: No. 4 position: center height: 202cm weight: 90kg sneakers: ASICs grade: third grade nickname: monkey boss introduction: Ling Nan's captain plays the same role as Akaki in the team. He was defeated by Akaki in the county competition last year, and his goal was to defeat Akaki. He is impatient, evenWhat are the shirt numbers of the five leading players of Xiangbei team in the slam dunk masters
No.: No. 4 position: Center grade: third grade introduction: he iDunk master numbers the captain of the Sanpu Taiwan basketball team. He is a arrogant guy. At the beginning, he looked down on Northern Hunan. He even said that Lingnan, which has a fairyland, is a second-rate team. It's annoying to watch. However, after the overwhelming victory over sanputai in Northern Hunan, he probably had nothing to saySlam dunk master what's the number of Liu Chuanfeng's jersey
Liuchuan Feng's shirt number is 11. The main characters in the Japanese cartoon slam dunk master and its derivative Dunk master numberworks. He is the ace player of Xiangbei high school basketball team, a professional small forward, and a member of the all Japan youth team, one of the five best players in Kanagawa Prefecture. He was the captain of the basketball team of Fuqiu middle schoolWhat's the number of Liuchuan Feng's shirt
After a battle for jerseys, Mu Mu finally solved the problem by giving Sakuragi the No. 10 jerseys and Liuchuan Feng the No. 11 jerseys. Sakuraki, who finally got the Dunk master numbershirt, was very excited and excited. He showed his No. 10 shirt everywhere. He was very happyWhat is the number of each dunk master's jersey
1. Akagi 4. 2. Liuchuanfeng 11. 3. No. 10, Cherry Blossom Road. 4. Mitsui 14. 5. No. 7, Liangtian, Miyagi. 6. 7 Xiandao. 7. fish column No. 4. 8. amu 4. 9. Gaosha 4. 10. ashen 6. 11. Qingshan 10Who is the dunk master Hainan No. 14
We all know that Mitsui is the last player to join or return to northern Hunan. According to the order of shirt numbers, Mitsui should have worn No. 15 shirt from No. 4 to No. 15. For example, Takehiko Inoue's poster of "ten days later" seems to be Akagi's return to the winter trialsA list of Xiangbei dunk masters? Associated jersey number
Dunk masterWho is dunk master No. 10 Jersey
The No. 10 jersey of the slam dunk master is the cherry blossom path. Cherry Blossom path is the hero of the comic book slam dunk master and its derivative works. Senior one student of Xiangbei high school in Kanagawa County, one of the main players of Xiangbei basketball team, and a professional power forward. Sakuraki is a simple minded but lovely problem figure. His personality is both straightforward and simpleWho is number 14 in slam dunk master
Slam dunk master No. 14 is Mitsui Shou. Mitsui Shou is a shootDunk master numbering guard (SG) player in the sports mobile game slam dunk master. Mitsui Shou is a shooting guard (SG) player. He has excellent mid-range shooting and three-point scoring ability. Compared with small forward, he scores from mid to long distanceA list of the shirts and numbers of the Xiangbei players in the slam dunk masters
. Akagi 4. Liuchuanfeng 11. 10 Cherry Blossom Road. Mitsui 14. No. 7, ryota, Miyagi. 7 Sendao. Fish column 4. The final result was that Xiangbei defeated the defending champion Shanwang team in the past 16 years and advanced to the top 8. Results the vitality of Northern Hunan was seriously injured, and the back of Cherry Blossom path was injured... The third round, to Aihe college
Dunk master number

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