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This is the slam dunk variety

2022-06-26 22:37Basketball player Jordan
Summary: "This is dunk" in recent years, CBA rookies rely on it to export their fame. Is this a divine variety showSpeaking of the most popular basketball variety in recent years, this is the slam dunk d
"This is dunk" in recent years, CBA rookies rely on it to export their fame. Is this a divine variety show
Speaking of the most popular basketball variety in recent years, this is the slam dunk definitely deThis is the slam dunk varietyserves it. In the eyes of many people, this program has even become a divine variety. In fact, this statement is not exaggerated"This is dunk" is on the air. What are the highlights of this program
The variety show "this is dunk" is on the air, and the ratings of this variety show are very high, because it has many attractions, but there are also some slots. Let's take a look. This is the dunk is very popular because it has many attractions and is also close to people's lifeThis is the return of dunk 4. Do you think it's good-looking
Of course, we are not the guests involved. Our focus is always on the players and their competitions. Among them, famous star coaches and cross-border artists have been invited to serve as team managers and team leaders, which is also a communication bridge for basketball fans"This is dunk 4" as a sports variety, do you think it is good-looking
In addition, this variety show also creates conflicts, allowing guests to compete. In the spirit of competition second and friendship first, everyone has a good time, and our viewers are also happy. I prefer this kind of variety show. This is why the production team of the variety show dunk is still conscientiousThe lineup of the variety "this is dunk 4" is suspected to have been exposed. Which male stars may join this program
This is the slam dunk variety show, which is mainly about playing basketball. This variety show has been broadcast for three seasons, and the first three seasons have received a good response. Many viewers are also looking forward to the next season. In the fourth season of this is the dunk, the cast has been confirmed, including male stars: Ou Hao and houminghaoThis is the slam dunk, which stars have joined the show
Of course, professional basketball players have joined the variety show. For example, Aaron Guo is a very famous CBA player, and hThis is the slam dunk varietyis strength is also very strong. Aaron Guo also recorded the previous seasons' this is dunk. I think he is also very strongThe variety "this is slam dunk 4" has a big debut. Why is this program so popular
With the continuous competition of variety shows this year, from the first hot brother who cut through thorns and thorns, to now this is the slam dunk 4 variety show, which can be said to be more and more popular. The main reason for the audience to watch these variety shows iThis is the slam dunk varietys to watch the competition in the variety showsThe lineup of this is dunk 4 was exposed. What kind of variety show is this
Secondly, the variety show "this is the slam dunk" is actually a combination of basketball and reality TV. The stars selected in the fourth season of "this is the slam dunk" are ou Hao, Li Chen and houminghao, who are similar to the team leader position in "this is the street dance"This is the return of dunk 4. Do you think the sports variety is good-looking
These netizens are very curious about whether this variety show of sports competition has a unique variety effect, and how entertaining is this variety show? Before expressing my own views on this issue, we first need to fully understand that this is some baThis is the slam dunk varietysic information about the fourth season of dunkThe latest season of "this is dunk" is on the air. Which player do you expect most
As we all know, there are more and more variety shows in sports in recent years. These variety shows are closely related to people's lives, close to people's lives, and are very popular with people who are used to sports activities. Unknowingly, "this is the dunk" has been on for several seasons
This is the slam dunk variety

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