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Dunk expert zhuxingda I'm Maple Jun

2022-06-26 14:02Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What are the strengths of maple Liuchuan and zhuxingda in slam dunk master? Who is strongerShare the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of ani
What are the strengths of maple Liuchuan and zhuxingda in slam dunk master? Who is stronger
Share the endless fun of animation, anaDunk expert zhuxingda  I'm Maple JunlyzDunk expert zhuxingda  I'm Maple June the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. In the slam dunk master, after crossing the strongest king of Shanwang industry, Xiangbei team will compete with Aihe college in the next round of the knockoutWhat is the style of all stars in slam dunk master? Like a shepherd or more like a fairy_ Baidu knows
There are many basketball experts in slam dunk master. Everyone has their own style, but most excellent people have something in common. The style of zhuxingda is more like a fairy than that of the pastoral gentry. Maple Liuchuan is a strong person, but maple Liuchuan is not strong in organization and coordinationIn slam dunk master, who is stronger, maple Liuchuan or Zhuxing
In fact, it is difficult to compare the two. One is that they didn't say goodbye, and the other is that they are different. Zhuxing university is the strDunk expert zhuxingda  I'm Maple Junongest basketball guard in China, while Liuchuan Feng is a small forward only second to the students of Japan's No. 1 high schoolWhat are the strengths of maple Liuchuan and zhuxingda in slam dunk master
In my opinion, the pastoral gentry is quite scrupulous about the strength of zhuxingda. In the plot year, he specially went to Nagoya to see how zhuxingda grew. From this point of view, zhuxingda is not a player who only cares about his own score, but a leader. In "slam dunk master", the player's offensive ability is the topIn slam dunk master, who is more powerful, maple Liuchuan or Zhuxing
Zhu Xingda's height has not been clearly introduced in the "slam dunk master" cartoon. However, since he is playing point guard, his height will not be too high. The rookie speculates that it is about 182 cm. It's hard to say whether you can dunk (the game dunk in the animation version has no reference value), but your physical quality should never be poorWhat are the strengths of maple Liuchuan and zhuxingda in slam dunk master
The consequence of rushing into the array too fiercely is that we have not been able to support ourselves once or twice. If we make up for this shortcoming, we believe that the strength of Liuchuan will become more and more perfect. Although the slam dunk master has ended, it seems that we can see the strong future of Liuchuan! That's because Xiandao only used 70% of his strength. FairylandSlam dunk master: who is stronger than Mu Shenyi and Zhu Xingda
I think Mu Shen, xiandaozhang, Liuchuan Feng and zhuxingda are all national superstars in slam dunk master. They are gifted and can play their own role. What would happen if they were ranked? The author talks about his own ideas. The shepherd and the shepherd are the strongest of the fourIn slam dunk master, how about the strength among the four immortals
There are four super basketball stars in the animation "slam dunk master", even those at the national level. These four people are respectively the pastoral gentry xiandaozhang, Liuchuan maple and zhuxingda. It is believed that many people who have seen this cartoon will have their favorite role, and these four people are loved by 90% of the peopleThank you for the details of the stars in the slam dunk master
He is also a very famous player in the country and is known Dunk expert zhuxingda  I'm Maple Junas the "star of Aichi". He is familiar with Hainan's a mu, who also appreciates his skills. In the final match of Aichi County league match, he was injured by Mori chongkuan of mingpeng industry. Aihe also lost the game and only won the second place in the countyWho are the five strongest players in different positions in dunk master
Among the slam dunk masters, the strongest players in each position are Rongji Zebei, Mori chongkuan, Mitsui Shou, Mu Shenyi and xiandaozhang. In this period, the most undisputed issue of Mitsui's longevity between Rongzhi ZABEI and Mu Shenyi is physical strength. It is Yashi Kawada who can compete with mori, and maple Liuchuan who challenges xiandaozhang. Rongzhi Zebei is the best candidate for small forward
Dunk expert zhuxingda I'm Maple Jun

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