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Dunk master influence

2022-06-26 11:04Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Why does slam dunk master have such a high status among young and middle-aged ChineseI think the following works are outstanding. We know that slam dunk master has great popularity not only in China,
Why does slam dunk master have such a high status among young and middle-aged Chinese
I think the following works are outstanding. We know that slam dunk master has great popularity not only in China, but also in Japan. It is the most famous sports work in Japan. In addition to his excellent worksDunk masters have been born for more than 30 years. Why can they be regarded as classics by many people
In october1990, as the second play of the new series planned by wildboy, the dunk master created by nobuhiko Inoue was officially launched as a new series in the weekly juvenile jump. At that time, no one expected that this cartoon would have such a great influence in the future"Slam dunk master" will be made into a film. How much influence does this animation have in the minds of the post-90s
Their dreams aDunk master influencere shattered, and we are still on our way. What should the post-90s youth look like? It should be the first thing that pops out of my mind &mdash& mdash; Dunk master. Several teenagers gathered together to dreamHow influential is the dunk master
Because of it, basketball is out of stock row by row; Because of it, countless young men devote themselves to basketball, and the teenagers you see playing basketball are the products of influence; Because of it, countless girls cry and join the arms of beautiful teenagers such as Liuchuan maple; Because it has promoted the development of Tongren female; Because of itHow influential is slam dDunk master influenceunk in Japan
Slam dunk is an inspirational cartoon and animation work by Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue with the theme of high school basketball. It was serialized in the famous Japanese comic magazine "weekly youth jump" from October 1, 1990 to June 17, 1996How do you comment on the cartoon slam dunk master
‍&# 8205; Slam dunk master is one of the three major sports comics in Japan (together with football player and baseball hero). Its pursuit of real creative ideas, the author's profound creative skills, top sales, no procrastination and broad and far-reaching influence make it a worthy king of sports comicsSlam dunk masters have been in the last 20 years. Why are they still often mentioned
Slam dunk masters have been in retirement for 20 years. The reason why they are often mentioned is not only because it is a classic, but also because it is a culture. It is not a lost youth in the 1980s and 1990s. It is a chapter that inspires generations of young people to adhere to their dreams. When I watched slam dunk masterAs a sports animation, is the influence of "football player" far less than that of "slam dunk master"
Including but not limited to that shooting is always an angry shot, guarDunk master influenceds are basically useless, all kinds of mysterious skills of aerial shooting and half court shooting, and spiritual attributes are far better than technical and tactical attributes. The plot setting is the same. All the way through, all the way behind, and so on. Slam dunk masters are palace level comics, especially in ChinaWhy can slam dunk master become a classic for a generation
For our generation, "slam dunk master" is a masterpiece in everyone's mind. The plot of slam dunk master is based on growth and friendship. It is a cartoon about a group of young people working hard for their dreams. Although this cartoon was finished a long time agoHow to analyze and compare the influence of two classic works of dunk master and football player
However, Mr. Maple shares some of his own views on the two works: 1. The two works are different Dunk master influencebecause of different sports types
Dunk master influence

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