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This is the slam dunk elimination

2022-06-26 10:02Basketball player Jordan
Summary: Zhangzhaoyang: This is when the slam dunk was eliminatedHis dunk was eliminated in the 2008 Olympic Games. Because his dunk has violated the rules, he eliminated fasterWhy did Sun Yue and Shentu Yifei
Zhangzhaoyang: This is when the slam dunk was eliminated
His dunk was eliminated in the 2008 Olympic Games. Because his dunk has violated the rules, he eliminated fasterWhy did Sun Yue and Shentu Yifei lose their mentality during the dunk
For three consecutive 1v1 games, the high-intensity competition exhausted brother helmet's physical strength. He lost to guolingchuan, who had not won for three years. AI Lin, as a teammate, was eliminated without playing. This made Sun Yue choke and feel deeply remorse. In order to ease the dignified atmosphere on the field and appease the helmet brother who was on the verge of collapse, Bai Jingting comfoThis is the slam dunk eliminationrted that "this game is a common competition
What is the reason why this is dunk 3 went off the shelves
At the same time, the competition system has also been comprehensively upgraded. The elimination mechanism is more cruel. Team coaches and female team leaders with poor performance will follow the players out. The program will be broadcast by Youku at 12:00 noon every Saturday on October 17, 2020. On December 19, 2020, Youku sports variety, which is the successful conclusion of the 10th program of slam dunk 3 broadcastIs this the third dunk season when Li Zhanglin was eliminated
This is the third season of dunking was eliminated, which shows that their basic skills are still not good. They should strengthen their training
Playing competitive sports for the first time, "this is dunk" how to make people drink this cup of youth blood
"This is dunk", from the name we can see that this is a variety show for basketball fans. During the period when various phenomenon level variety shows appeared frequently in China, a program specially designed for basketball was like a clear stream, shooting some pseudo sports variety shows on This is the slam dunk eliminationthe beach. As a "teenager" who loves basketballIs this the slam dunk 2 helmet guy eliminated
Brother helmet is a streetball player. Streetball belongs to the performance nature, which is much worse than the requirements of the professional league. Around the world, there are not many Streetballers turning to professional basketball. Therefore, brother helmet does not want to play CBA, but because his ability can not meet the requirements of CBAThis is the slam dunk, predicting the players who will be eliminated
Select one or more of the following keywords to search for relevant materials. You can also directly click "search data" to search the whole problemEliminated! Zhou Qi's performance in this dunk. Are you satisfied
Although Zhou Qi was eliminated from the variety show dunk, I personally like his performance in the program. Since the defeat of the world cup, Zhou Qi has become the object of verbal and written criticism. In the game against Poland, he made a mistake in serving the sideline ball, which directly led to China's lossThis is the dunk. Wan Zhouqi was eliminated. Do you think Zhou Qi is suitable to be a coach
I don't think Zhou Qi is fit to be a coach. In a variety show, Zhouqi, guoallen, wangshipeng and zhufangyu were the head coaches of four teams respectively. I believe anyone who has watched this program can clearly realize that wangshipeng andThis is the slam dunk elimination zhufangyu are very suitable candidates for the head coach. Wangshipeng and zhufangyu retired from Guangdong, respectively"This is dunk" in recent years, CBA rookies rely on it to export their fame. Is this a divine variety show
It is worth mentioning that among the players who were eliminated by Yang Haozhe in the program at that time, Zheng Qilong, who ranked fifth this year, is the son of Chinese basketball star Zheng Wu. At present, he also has a basic foothold in the team. In addition, Meng Xiang, the seventh ranked player, and Liu Yi, the tenth ranked playerThis is the slam dunk elimination, have also participated in this is a dunk
This is the slam dunk elimination

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