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The flower shape of dunk is full of tears

2022-06-26 04:20Basketball player Jordan
Summary: What's the situation? I always feel that the flower shape of the recent dunk master hand tour is a little strongDon't mention it. There are tears after talking too much. Since this strengthening
What's the situation? I always feel that the flower shape of the recent dunk master hand tour is a little strong
Don't mention it. There are tears after talking too much. Since this strengthening, I feel that huaxingtou is really much better than the original. Now it's really more and more difficult to fight huaxingtou. It seems that in the future, I have to practice my flowery skills and show off the people opposite. Ha ha haSlam dunk master hand tour what potential huaxingtou is more ruthless
You can try blue with super bounce, yellow with inside line barrier, green with super backboard, special with teammate's trust, air combat, shooting blockade, and not strong. I have been using this set of potential before when I was in the flower shapeIs Hua xingtou a useful center in the slam dunk master tour
Hua xintou travels in the handThe flower shape of dunk is full of tearss of a slam dunk expert, which is a very useful stroke, because his memory is superbI would like to ask the slam dunk master hand tour Hua xingtou + Endo, can you play
This combination is underestimated. I often use flower shape. Flower shape can be said to be the only anti-aircraft gunner. In terms of offensive skills, there are four kinds, which can also be used in combination; Baldheaded players are the best defensive players. Giving flower shape the right to fight for the ball and making up defense for flower shape can have a good cooperation and complement each otherSlam The flower shape of dunk is full of tearsdunk expert: Yuzhu, huaxingtou, Makoto Makino and sendaozhang can defeat
In the slam dunk master, we talked about the most powerful team. In addition to the particularly powerful Hubei team, it should be the domineering Mountain King. He is also the last boss team, the king Hainan. It can be The flower shape of dunk is full of tearsseen that their strength can not be underestimated. Some friends will ask if they will live among the fish. They will have a beautiful appearance and a shepherdIs Hua xingtou in slam dunk a tribute to legendary George McCann
McHale (personally, the big front position) can't be George McCann. He was a superstar in the 1940s and 1950s. When nobuhiko Inoue drew SD, he was based on NBA superstars in the 1970s and 1980s
In slam dunk master, how to analyze the strength and personality of Hua xingtou, the "flexible center" of Xiangyang team
Other centers basically score under the basket by wiping the board and shooting or dunkingThe flower shape of dunk is full of tears. Only one person is an exception. He is Hua xingtou of Xiangyang team. In terms of offensive means, Huaxing is an offensive kaleidoscope player. He plays hook with his back, turns back and leans back for jump shot and jump shotWhich team of Hua xingtou in the slam dunk expert mobile game is stronger
I have a few huaxingtou strong lineups (snickering) that I have treasured for a long time. You are welcome to take them. Hua xingtou, Mu Shenyi and sakuraki may not have any special highlights in this lineup, but they are inexplicable bullies. Huaxingtou, xiandaozhangjia cherry wood, you can also try this"Slam dunk master" is Hua xingtou the best center against Yashi Kawada
Offensive end: the flower shaped projection ability and exquisite footwork movement technology have no advantage over oheda, and oheda may even be defeated in the low position because of the difference in strength, speed and explosive power. Hua xingtou should be one of the representatives of Kanagawa Prefecture's technical interior line among the slam dunks. He has the projection ability that the traditional interior line does not have, and is goodWhat are the technical characteristics of the four centers in Kanagawa Prefecture
Akagi's strength is his own little by little practice. Coach Anxi didn't coach him. Compared with Yuju, who has a coach to guide, Akaki is quite rare. In this way, he has trained his skills to become Kanagawa's No. 1 center. Of course, his talent is important, and he has the never-ending enterprising spirit to enter the national competition
The flower shape of dunk is full of tears

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