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Dunk master Xiandao in dunk Master

2022-06-25 18:02Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Why does Sendao like fishing in slam dunk masterSlam dunk master is Xiaobian's favorite cartoon. Xiaobian watches this cartoon regularly. In the book, nobuhiko Inoue has created many classic charac
Why does Sendao like fishinDunk master Xiandao  in dunk Masterg in slam dunk master
Slam dunk master is Xiaobian's favorite cartoon. Xiaobian watches this cartoon regularly. In the book, nobuhiko Inoue has created many classic characters. Among these characters, Xiaobian's favorite is Sendao. Sendao is very free and easy in character. In terms of ball skills, he is the only player in Kanagawa who can compete with Emperor mu. ExceptWhat do you think is the greatest weakness of Dunk master Xiandao  in dunk Masterthe fairy way in slam dunk master
The biggest weakness of Xiandao is the pig teammates around him. The fish cDunk master Xiandao  in dunk Masterolumn moves slowly and the technique is rough; Fukuda has poor defensive consciousness and limited potential; Poor attack ability on the pool; Grass planting and off-road are almost non-existent. Look at the combination of him, tengzhen and Huaxing, which also blew up the defense in Northern Hunan. Xiandao is the most perfect character in dunk masterIn slam dunk master, Xiandao is regarded as a talented player. Is he overrated
The battle between Hainan and Lingnan was a struggle between amu and Xiandao. In the rest period of the game, Amu also believed that Sendao had the strength to fight side by side with him. So overall, is Xiandao really level with amu? The only recognized genius of dunk master, can Xiandao really fight side by side with amupingWhat is the weakness of Xiandao in the animation slam dunk master
The competitive spirit is not strong. No matter in terms of appearance, ball skills or personal charm, Sendao is impeccable. In fact, I think it is because Sendao is strong in other aspects that he has a weak competitive spirit"Dunk master" does Xiandao, as the only recognized talented player, have some water
Therefore, there are two reasons why Xiandao can be recognized as a genius in the first grade. He has won the third highest score in slam dunk master. No. 1 led Lingnan into the top four in Kanagawa Prefecture. With Sendao's offensive ability in grade one alone, Kanagawa Prefecture has been unstoppable. So in many people's minds, Sendao is a talented player, butWhat do you think is the greatest weakness of Xiandao in dunk master
Xiandao is the most perfect character in dunk masterWhat is the greatest weakness of Xiandao in slam dunk master
Let alone extra training, he would even escape the basic training of the company. Because in his eyes, basketball, like fishing, only exists for happiness! Don't try so hard, just do it properly. But even so, the comprehensive strength of Xiandao is still at the top of the pyramid in the whole dunk masterHow strong is the magic among slam dunks? Is maple Liuchuan really inferior to fairyland
In fact, for maple Liuchuan and Sendao, in addition to technology and situation judgment, they also have gaps in some aspects. The first thing to talk about is physical strength. I believe everyone knows that maple Liuchuan is not strong enough. In the second half of the game, Liuchuan Feng often suffered physical exertion and his offensive ability was greatly reducedWhy does xiandaozhang, one of the slam dunk masters, value Sakuragi flower path so much
Among the slam dunk masters, xiandaozhang is a very detached existence with strong strength, but it seems that the victory or defeat is not so strong. Only in the battle with Northern Hunan, which concerns the qualification quota, did he really get serious. Only that game, I saw a fairyland that really played seriouslyHow about Xiandao's future career in slam dunk master? Is it possible to be the next Takemoto
But with the growth of Xiandao's age, he will also graduate from college, and he will also take part in work. In fact, Sendao's basketball talent is no less than that of Zebei. Sendao's comprehensiveness can be said to be the highest existence in the slam dunk master. If you have to find a job, Sendao has an advDunk master Xiandao  in dunk Masterantage as a coach
Dunk master Xiandao in dunk Master

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