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I dunk in that position

2022-06-25 15:03Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: I'm pg. I can dunk, but how? In that positionGenerally, it is possible to walk one and a half steps inside the free throw line. But it is still difficult to get out. In fact, sometimes PG doesn'
I'm pg. I can dunk, but how? In that poI dunk  in that positionsition
Generally, it is possible to walk one and a half steps inside the free throw line. But it is still difficult to get out. In fact, sometimes PG doesn't have to dunk with both hands. You can also try to dunk with one hand at the farthest layup distance, but this is more difficult. I first did this after level 23I'm a slam dunk expert
Answer: 5 companies 35,4 companies 32.18 companies 3.26 companies 13
Who will get the final praise for the variety show "I want to play basketball" and "this is the dunk"_ Baidu
This makes people wonder whether the second season of "this is dunk" can still maintain or even surpass last year's results? Can I play basketball match it? Last year's "this is the dunk" was clever because it attracted male audiences with professional competitions, strong players and female referees, and the production method of the reality show"I want to play basketball" compared with "this is dunk", who performs better
I want to play basketball and this is the slam dunk. I feel that I want to play basketball more fully, with smooth editing and strong variety. It's just that the players don't have a strong sense of existence. The tutors have many interesting points, which are highly interactive and more entertaining. This is that the competition system of dunk is richer and more content. It's just too much drama, more professionalism and entertainmentWhich is more interesting, this is dunk or I want to play basketball
Although there are some twists anI dunk  in that positiond turns in the content setting of I want to play basketball, it also has its own uniqueness. However, in terms of the appreciation and antagonism of competitive sports, the configuration of program groups is not very reasonable. So I think this is dunk is more interesting and passionateDo I want to play basketballI dunk  in that position like this is the first season of dunk
Jay Chou. In the fourth issue of I want to play basketball “ Jay Chou ” My name, tears! How important Mr. Zhou is without him! "This is the second season of dunking" because of the experience of the live host, it can be heard that many commentaries are post recorded, often giving people an uncomfortable feeling. Ladies and gentlemenI want to dunk
3-step blue is at a specific position (step on the white line on both sides of the map on the beach, and step on the circle on the front near the point under the basket). There will be a 3-step layup in the basket direction +d, and occasionally a dunk (bounce problem)"This is dunking" and "I want to play basketball", who is the No.1 of basketball variety
Famous NBA stars such as Dwyane Wade and Nick Yang were also invited as guest judges, which greatly improved the professionalism of the program competition. From the perspective of the ratio of stars to professional players, slam dunk 2 focuses more on basketball itself. So I think this is the dunk is the bestFrom today on, I will dunk
It's OK to have confidence and perseverance. Robinson, the dunk king king, is only 1.75 meters. I can teach you dunk skills. I'm 1.87 meters. Well, it's easiI dunk  in that positioner to dunk with one hand than with both hands, but only if you can catch the ball. Bounce a little higher than the box. The run-up should not be too long. Just control it at three or five stepsI am a fan of slam dunk masters. I kneel down and beg for the comics of the national slam dunk masters competition
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I dunk in that position

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