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Slam dunk master Mitsui they are from a school

2022-06-25 08:02Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Why is Mitsui's bad fighting skills in slam dunk master still a bad leader_ BaiduIt can be seen from the description that only three people, including de Nan and others, were brought by Mitsui hims
Why is Mitsui's bad fighting skills in slam dunk master still a bad leader_ Baidu
It can be seen from the descriSlam dunk master Mitsui  they are from a schoolption that only three people, including de Nan and others, were brought by Mitsui himself. They are from the same school and are considered to be together. Iron man just helps him out of a friend relationship. Most people are bSlam dunk master Mitsui  they are from a schoolrought by iron man. Iron man is the boss of dragon and others. Come to help Mitsui fight. Naturally, you should surround MitsuiIn slam dunk master, why is Mitsui not the main character but very popular
Mitsui's popularity Mitsui's popularity is the most important supporting role in slam dunk master. It is a midway role. Such a role has the popularity comparable to the protagonist sakuraki. Even in China, Mitsui's popularity can rank in the top three. The reason is that for readers, Mitsui's role positioning is very attractiveSlam dunk expert: how many times has Mitsui saved Xiangbei
Today, let's talk about an important topic among slam dunks - how many times has Mitsui saved Northern Hunan in the whole play? He played an important role in the crucial moment. In fact, throughout the whole play, Mitsui is not the real protagonist, but he turned the tide when he was in a desperate situationWhy is Mitsui so popular in slam dunk
Mitsui's character background design is somewhat special. The best players in the junior high school went astray because of their self-esteem and injuries and left the stadium for two years. The setting of such a prodigal son turning back can be affirmed by the audience. For Mitsui, there is a two-year gapWhat is Mitsui's weakness in slam dunk master? What weakness does Liuchuan Maple have
One thing Liuchuan Feng Mitsui, a slam dunk expert, had in common on the court was that they consumed their physical strength very quickly. The first time, before MitSlam dunk master Mitsui  they are from a schoolsui returned, Liuchuan Feng was out of strength when playing Lingnan ball game, so that he didn't catch up with his physical strength. So it became a weakness for himWhat kind of person is Mitsui in slam dunk master
I think that slam dunk master is the initial factor for me to like basketball. I remember when I first saw the slam dunk, I was in kindergarten. At that time, I just wanted to see sakuraki and kiyoda playing funny. Later, when I looked back, I began to notice the portrayal of characters and the interpretation of basketball in this animation. OverallWhat's the reason why Mitsui can still be the head of a bad teenager when his fighting skills are so bad in slam dunk master
Ordinary people who lose their shoes because of a broken shoelace, and Mitsui occasionally wears a head collar with the adidas logo printed on it, which is a rare brand dress in the slam dunk. These details can show that Mitsui's family is very well off. There are usually two kinds of people who occupy the dominant position in gangster groupsHow to evaluate the prodigal son of Mitsui Shou in slam dunk master
Mitsui Shou is one of the five tigers in Northern Hunan in slam dunk master. He works as a shooting guard and is good at shooting three-point shots. Among all the characters in this work, Mitsui Shou is considered to be the most human. He has experienced ups and downs, once went astray, buSlam dunk master Mitsui  they are from a schoolt lost his way. Finally, he moved towards his dream and made up for his past regretsHow did Mitsui become the leader of a gangster when he was so weak in the slam dunk master
Mitsui was born to play basketball. However, he met Miyagi, who was also a genius, and other people who were stronger than him, such as Yokohama Mito, Sakuragi flower path and gorilla. Therefore, he failed to show that he was stronger than ordinary people. It is not surprising that Mitsui is better than those ordinary peopleMitsui and nanlie, the three-point shooters in slam dunk master, what factors lead to different careers_ Baidu
Mitsui Shou and nanlie have similar technical characteristics, but their team roles are very different. (1) both of them are scoring methods based on three points, and both of them have comprehensive skills such as breakthrough and passing. Although the player who scored the most in the slam dunk master is Ichiro Kobe
Slam dunk master Mitsui they are from a school

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