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Slam dunk expert Haibin to Aihe College

2022-06-24 13:04Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: How does everyone end up in the slam dunk... the third round was against Aihe college. However, she was exhausted in the war with Shanwang and sakuraki was injured in her back, so she was defeated mis
How does everyone end up in the slam dunk
... the third round was against Aihe college. However, she was exhausted in the war with Shanwang and sakuraki was injured in her back, so she was defeated miserably. The national competition in Northern Hunan is over. But in fact, winning Shanwang is equal to winning the national competition, so everyone has no regrets. After the national competition, Sakuragi went to the seaside to recuperate because of his back injuryWhat is the ending of slam dunk
The ending of slam dunk master: Xiangbei defeated the former national champion Shanwang team in the second round of the national competition and entered the third round. However, because he consumed too much physical strength in the war with Shanwang and sakuraki was injured in his back, he was unable to participate in the competition. The national competition in Xiangbei is over, but actually winning Shanwang is equivalent to winning the national competitionWhat is the last episode of dunk master
And thSlam dunk expert Haibin  to Aihe Collegeen a goal by Kenji Fuji, the score became a 6-point gap. When the Cherry Blossom Road pulled the score to 2 points, Ling nanxiangyang applied for a suspension, and the Ling nanxiangyang team who readjusted the tactics would be unable to attack the defense of Northern Hunan. In the last minute, Xiandao slammed into the air but was successfully intercepted by Sakuragi roadWhat scenes do jiangzhidao appear in slam dunk Masters
The scene of a dunk master at the Kamakura seaside has attracted countless fans. Starting from Shinjuku in Tokyo, take the OTA express line to Fujisawa, and then you can choose. Those who only go to jiangzhidao can continue to take the pink OTA express line, while those who want to take the jiangzhidao green tram to Kamakura and other places should choose the green lineIs there really a basketball court near the sea among the slam dunks in Japan
Yes! I saw the special introduction last time! Even the basketball court scene at school~
Why did the author divide Yang Ping and Gao Gong into a group when Sakuragi Corps worked on the beach in slam dunk master_ Baidu
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. Foreword: in dunk master, in order to support Sakuragi flower path, Sakuragi Legion cheered him on in the national competition, so they collectively went to the seaside barbecue stand to workWhy doesn't the slam dunk master have an end
In the final picture of the dunk master, sakuraki is recuperating at the seaside, passing by Liuchuan, pulling open his clothes, showing sakuraki the words "Japan" on his T-shirt, and then running away... The voice over is the content of the letter from Kiyoko: "recover quickly, I am waiting for you, your favorite basketball is waiting for you
How did the dunk master end up? Where does the TV go
In the third game against Aihe college, Xiangbei lost because of excessive physical exertion and Sakuragi's injury (the cartoon did not draw this game in deSlam dunk expert Haibin  to Aihe Collegetail)Why are the endings of Japanese comics "youyou Baishu" and "dunk master" all at the seaside
Acme, the classic is always fleeting, both imaginative and meaningful. In fact, "slam dunk master" has been out for a long time, but it isSlam dunk expert Haibin  to Aihe College not arranged into Japanese animation. The fundamental reason is that it has reached a certain relative height and does not necessarily announce the renewal. Everyone has commented on the hope of the characters, ifDunk master where is the seaside train
Dunk master seaside train in Kamakura. The seaside train among the dunk masters is located in Kamakura, not far from Tokyo. Many animation lovers will take photos and punch in. The slam dunk expert is a Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue's juvenile cartSlam dunk expert Haibin  to Aihe Collegeoon with the theme of high school basketball, which is serialized in the weekly juvenile jump1 from No. 42, 1990 to No. 27, 1996
Slam dunk expert Haibin to Aihe College

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