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Slam dunk expert 3 points

2022-06-24 12:02Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Slam dunk master is Mitsui a pure pitcher? How powerful is heAs long as Mitsui finds the feeling, it is basically impossible to prevent Mitsui from scoring a three-point shot, whether it is personal d
Slam dunk master is Mitsui a pure pitcher? How powerful is he
As long as Mitsui finds the feeling, it is basically impossible to prevent Mitsui from scoring a three-point shot, whether it is personal defense or multi player entrapment. There are many scenes in the plot that Mitsui can still score goals without shooting angle and strong interference from the defenderSlam dunk expert: who is the best three-point shooter, Mitsui or a Shen
Classmate Shen basically didn't hold the ball at the offensive end. Most of the time, he waited for his teammates to create opportunities for him. He is a fixed-point elevated fort that is good at using his height advantage. His 189cm height has approached the center line, making it almost impossible for him to be defended outside the three-point line. Under the Hainan systemWho are the five strongest players in different positions in dunk master
Among the slam dunk masters, the strongest players in each position are Rongji Zebei, Mori chongkuan, Mitsui Shou, Mu Shenyi and xiandaozhang. In this period, the most undisputed issue of Mitsui's longevity between Rongzhi ZABEI and Mu Shenyi is physicSlam dunk expert 3 pointsal strength. It is Yashi Kawada who can compete with mori, and maple Liuchuan who challenges xiandaozhang. Rongzhi Zebei is the best candidate for small forwardWho is the best 3-pointer among dunks
The three-point ball is very powerful, and there are two prominent figures in the TV: one is Shinzo Ichiro of Hainan team, and the other is Mitsui Shou of Xiangbei team. I like Mitsui betterMitsui and nanlie, the three-point shooters in slam dunk master, what factors lead to different careers_ Baidu
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I am Mr. maple. In slam dunk master, the three-point shooter, as the main scoring force of the team, has many performance opportunities. In the work, there are several very powerful shooters like KoichiroWhSlam dunk expert 3 pointsy do so many people roast about Mu Mu's three-point shot in slam dunk master
I don't know when, "Mu Mu threw three episodes with a three-point shot" became a procrastination in the TV animation version of slam dunk master. When I was a child, I thought I was Sakuragi and Liuchuan, so I didn't like the slightly mediocre Mu Mu. When I grew up, I realized that most of us had become Mu Mu MuIn slam dunk master, who can compete with Mitsui for three pointers
In addition to a Shen's ability to compete with Mitsui in three-point shooting, in fact, there are many outside pitchers in slam dunk master. They all have stable three-point shooting ability, including Liuchuan Feng, Lingnan xiandaozhang, Hainan Gongyi, Fengyu nanlie, and Matsumoto Rino and Zebei Rongzhi of Yama industriesThe three-point shot of the dunk expert, Liuchuan Feng, Xiandao and shin Zong Ichiro, who is more powerful
It must bSlam dunk expert 3 pointse Ichiro Kobe. Neither Liuchuan nor Sendao are pure pitchers. A Shen used to want to be a center, but because he was not tall enough, he turned to the outside line and became a pitcher. He threw 400, 500 three-point shots every day. Its 3-pointer hit rate is also above MitsuiWho is the most accurate 3-pointer among the slam dunks
→ however, his three-point shot is still eye-catching, fast and accurate, which shows that his basketball skills are not shallow. → they are often called "little three", "little mouse", "bad boy" (when Huadao is in a bad mood) and "MVP" in junior high school. → my biggest dream is to pick up the basketball I put down for two years and become a basketball expert againHow can super slams shoot 3 points accurately
Before shooting, take a deep breath, look at the center of the basket, levitate the basketball with your left hand, lift the basketball with your right hand, squat slightly, bendSlam dunk expert 3 points your right shoulder when jumping from top to bottom, and use your hands to keep the ball rolling when throwing. There are three actions in total, which should be done continuously. The probability of hollow casting is relatively high. If the strength is weak, it can be achieved by bending the legs and arms
Slam dunk expert 3 points

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