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I want to dunk

2022-06-24 11:03Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: I want to dunk3-step blue is at a specific position (step on the white line on both sides of the map on the beach, and step on the circle on the front near the point under the basket). There will be a
I want to dunk
3-step blue is at a specific position (step on the white line on both sides of the map on the beach, and step on the circle on the front near the point under the basket). There will be a 3-step layup in the basket direction +d, and occasionally a dunk (bounce problem)How high do I jump to dunk
I don't know how old you are now. Your situation and I don't rub much. I'm 178cm 67kg. Now I touch the basket more than one hand (my wrist can touch the basket), but I still can't buckle. I think I have to touch the basket with one and a half hands to buckle. UsuaI want to dunklly, I have to touch the basket more because it can exercise your bounce and not just tieI want to dunk
Yes, I was 165 at that time, and I am now 1.78 at 21. I think you can grow to 182 to 185. It is possible to dunk if you bounce well, but be careful. I think it's good for you to practice your skills and play PG. Remember, the key is to practice basic skills. The ability to play ball depends on practiceI want to dunk
Special attention should also be paid to the use of small; Strength training means to strengthen the muscle groups at the back of the thigh. There are many special means of jumping practice, such as skipping rope, jumping hurdles, touching the rim, touching the upper edge of the small black box, and even touching the upper edge of the backboardI want to dunk. Finally, I would like to mention tI want to dunkhe relationship between the nervous system and bounce force. We already know speed and powerI want to dunk~~~
I + shoes 81 meters ~ I know I can't dunk. I also want to dunk and bounce well. I can't catch the ball. As long as I move on, it's no problem to touch the basket in the run-up. A better run-up can be less than half a palm of the basket. However, I would like to say that the dunk is still far awayI want to dunk master in Xiangbei all the players of the information
I want to dunk all the players in Xiangbei&# xE768; Let me answer four questions \? Anonymous users launched all ★ Shohoku of Xiangbei basketball team on April 13, 2013 ◆ Name: Anzai nickname: white haired ghost and white haired BuddhaI want to dunk
As for bouncing, limited to your height, if you don't have a strong desire to dunk and a strong perseverance, you can't practice dunking. If you want to break the forehead is to buckle, then even frog jump and heel lift (heel lift). Leapfrogging is easy to hurt the knee, so we should do what we can, and the intensity and number of leaps should be gradualI want to dunk, how can I jump high
Find something important Dumbbells are better Grasp with both hands and jump up! In this way, you can practice the machine meat of your legs, which is very helpful for the high jump But it's up to you whether you can fill the blue or not! I wish you success soonHow can I dunk
First of all, don't make a complicated answer. Just be simple. I'm 16 years old, and my height is about 1.83 meters. Wearing good shoes is about 85 meters. I bounce badly, and I'm not fat. I hope to dunk at about 138 kilograms. At present, the highest jump I can do is just pulling the basket. How can I do moreFrom today on, I will dunk
It's OK to have confidence and perseverance. I want to dunkRobinson, the dunk king king, is only 1.75 meters. I can teach you dunk skills. I'm 1.87 meters. Well, it's easier to dunk with one hand than with both hands, but only if you can catch the ball. Bounce a little higher than the box. The run-up should not be too long. Just control it at three or five steps
I want to dunk

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