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Dunk coach among dunk Masters

2022-06-23 20:26Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: What is the level of coach tomben among the dunk masters? How to evaluateCompared with Maoyi tianoka's old enemy Gao Touli, coach tianoka's on-the-spot communication ability seems very insuffici
What is the level of coach tomben among the dunk masters? How to evaluate
Compared with Maoyi tianoka's old enemy Gao Touli, coach tianoka's on-the-spot communication ability seems very insufficient. Too much self-confidence finally leads to Lingnan's passivity! Takero tomoto is the only real enemy of coach Anxi in slam dunk master, although it is slightly tender compared with coach AnxiIn dunk master, where did coach ansey play when he was a player
Anxi Guangyi, the role in the Japanese animation slam dunk master, coach of Xiangbei high school basketball team, nicknamed "white haired devil", "white haired ghost", "white haired Buddha", etc. He was a national basketball player representing Japan. After his retirement, he became a coach, explored the hidden basketball talent of Sakuragi flower path, and made Liuchuan Maple realize his weaknessWhich coach in slam dunk master has the strongest coaching ability
Now let me check who is the strongest coach in slam dunk master. The fDunk coach  among dunk Mastersifth is tengzhenjiansi. Tengzhenjiansi is a special coach. It is not only a coach, but also a player and captain of the team. Strong basketball talent allows him to display his talent on the court and on the coaching bench. Although teDunk coach  among dunk Mastersngzhen is talentedAmong the dunk masters, what is coach Anxi's evaluation of Liuchuan Feng
Including watching some Guoman cartoons, dunking masters are the memories of many post-90s or post-00s. The rich high school campus life in them has aroused everyone's deep thinking and emotion. Let's join the above to see what coach Anxi's evaluation of Liuchuan Feng among dunking masters looks like? Coach ansey for coach ansey personallyWhat is the character introduDunk coach  among dunk Mastersction of dunk master
The coach of Xiangbei team, the big bellied old man, is very amiable, so everyone calls him "white haired Buddha". When he was young, he was a player of the national team. Five years ago, he was a coach in a famous university. At that time, he trained his team members very severely and was called "white haired devil" by others. He resigned as a coach after his deathCoach ansey is respected in slam dunk master. What are his outstanding abilities
Slam dunk master why did coach ansey attract the attention of other coaches? What's special about him? Coach Anxi is very strong, which is the consensus of almost all other coaches. For them, the real trumps of Hubei team are not Liuchuan Feng and Mitsui, but Anxi coach. Coach Anxi has a wide range of interpersonal relationships and can even arrange friendly matchesAmong the slam dunk masters, coach Anxi is very concerned about tanizawa. Why didn't he help Mitsui when he fell_ Baidu
Mitsui was impressed by coach Sabbath for the first time. During a game, when he was ready to give up because of falling down, coach Anxi encouraged him not to give up until the last minute. After listening to his words, Mitsui turned the tide and finally won the MVPWhy is coach ansey respected by other coaches in slam dunk master? What is he outstanding about
Because he has rich experience, unique ability and outstanding ability; Coach Anxi has accurate on-the-spot adaptability.Dunk coach  among dunk Masters He can accurately judge and command on the spot. Moreover, he often gives technical guidance personally. Moreover, his tactical arrangement is relaxed and reasonableIn slam dunk master, why is coach Anxi so opposed to Liuchuan Feng playing professionally in the United States_ Baidu
In general, coach Anxi is afraid that in the United States where individualism is obvious (referring to the situation of animation dunk Masters), Liuchuan Maple will be unable to move, and finally drown out his personal talents. That's a pity. Coach Anxi has such a worry because something happened before, which is the eternal pain in his heartCan the five strongest coaches in slam dunk master beat Shanwang industry at their peak? What do you think
Slam dunk master is a very popular animation, which is deeply loved by the majority of tennis lovers. It has brought many wonderful games to the audience. In addition to the superb skills of the team members, the coaches should also make timely arrangements outside the court. In this cartoon, there are five strongest coaches, namely Anxi coach, Gao Touli and Fengyu
Dunk coach among dunk Masters

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