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Slam dunk expert iron man 189 bar looks like Sakuragi

2022-06-23 10:05Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Dunk expert iron man height189. It looks like SakuragiAren't Mitsui and Mito the best off slam dunksIt can be seen from the description that only three people, including de Nan and others, were bro
Dunk expert iron man height
189. It looks like Sakuragi
Aren't Mitsui and Mito the best off slamSlam dunk expert iron man  189 bar looks like Sakuragi dunks
It can be seen from the description that only three people, including de Nan and others, were brought by Mitsui himself. They are from the same school and are considered to be together. Iron man just helps him out of a friend relationship. Most people are brought by iron man. Iron man is the boss of dragon and others. First of all, rookies think Mitsui's force value is not badCan the iron man in the slam dunk master be a good man
Iron man seems to have disappeared since the violence in the basketball court. One late night, Mitsui came out of a hospital and met iron man, who roared past on his motorcycle. Iron man was being chased by the traffic police at that time, but he stopped. Mitsui's first sentence was to explain his purpose of coming to the hospitalWho do you think is better when it comes to fighting in slam dunk master
Personally, I think "slam dunk master" is better. Here we can make a grade division of fighting, because I think different people in this cartoon have different fighting abilities. Although some people have not fought, their fighting abilities can not be underestimated! The first echelon is definitely Akagi Gangxian and Sakuragi flower pathIn the slam dunk episode, sakuraki saved iron man
Episode 35 (keep your vows) synopsis: in the third game of the trial, on the day of the match with Takata basketball team, Mitsui was involved in a dispute between iron man and a bad group. Sakuraki and Yangping, who overslept, met Mitsui on their way to the venue. Mitsui didn't want to break his dream of dominating the country, and desperately called sakuraki to endureWhy did Li Tienan, a slam dunk expert, treat Mitsui so well? How did they know each other
After Mitsui returned to the team, his words "this is more suitable for you now. Goodbye, sports boy" gave Mitsui great encouragement. However, his subordinates rebelled. He was besieged by the people led by the Dragon at this time. With the support of Mitsui and Sakuragi corps, he was able to retreatHave Akaki Gangxian ever played against Yokohama or iron man in the slam dunk
Among the slam dunk masters, Akaki has never played with Yokohama Mito and iron man. However, I personally feel that Akaki is the most powerful if he is stronger than iron man. However, I feel that if it is a fight, he will win or lose with iron man by two points, both of which belong to the strength type. However, I am sure I can't beat Yohei MitoIn slam dunk master, what would happen to sakuraki if iron man or Mitsui beat Akiko
Mitsui dragged a group of younger brothers to the basketball hall to make trouble in the past two years. Facing this familiar venue, Mitsui started a new round of revenge, and his men slapped Caizi asideIf the figures of dunk masters are ranked, how should they be ranked
In basketball, the team coach should not only be responsible for the on-the-spot command of the game, but also formulate the corresponding training plan and lead the team to carry outSlam dunk expert iron man  189 bar looks like Sakuragi daily systematic training. In the slam dunk master, the coach also has an important mission to Slam dunk expert iron man  189 bar looks like Sakuragibuild a unique basketball background for his high school. Then, under the comparison of comprehensive abilityWhy did iron man leave Mitsui in slam dunk master
From the perspective of plot promotion, iron man's setting has little to do with the plot development of slam dunk master. Because Mitsui has been abandoned for two years, this character will exist. The main line of theSlam dunk expert iron man  189 bar looks like Sakuragi story has always been basketball, and the hot-blooded fight is just a little episode in youth; Don't mention iron man. Even German men and foreign equality don't play basketball
Slam dunk expert iron man 189 bar looks like Sakuragi

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