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Dunk master Caizi not Caizi

2022-06-23 10:04Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Slam dunk master why does Liuchuan Feng only deal with CaiziNot Caizi, but only Sakuragi flower path, because they are both enemies and friends. Sakuragi (さくらぎはな〛ち; hanamichi Sakuragi)
Slam dunk master why does Liuchuan Feng only deal with Caizi
Not Caizi, but only Sakuragi flower path, because they are both enemies and friends. Sakuragi (さくらぎはな〛ち; hanamichi Sakuragi), the hero of the comic book slam dunk master and its derivative works. Senior one student of Xiangbei high school in Kanagawa County, one of the main players of Xiangbei basketball teamWhat is the ending of the characters in dunk master 10 years later
Sakuragi gives the impression that he is Dunk master Caizi  not Caizia beast with abundant physical strength. He doesn't feel tired even after playing the whole game. Jumping, speed and shooting became his must kill skills. After years of accumulation, he finally became the first NBA player, and he is still with the bulls, and is expected to become the next Jordan. Caizi is more feminine than KiyokoIn the basketball court fight in slam dunk master, what would happen if the one who was slapped was Kiko, not Choi
Slam dunk master: in the basketball hall fight, the person who was beaten was Caizi. If the person who Dunk master Caizi  not Caiziwas beaten was replaced by sunny, the most likely situation would be sakuraki's violent walk, which would seriously injure several other thugs. Finally, he could not continue to participate in the basketball team game, and might even be dismissedWhat is the character introduction of dunk master
When he was young, he was a player of the national team. Five years ago, he was a coach in a famous university. At that time, he trained his team members very severely and was called "white haired devil" by others. After the death of aitu Guze, he resigned as a coach, gave up the title of "white haired devil" and retired from college basketball. Now it seems that he has completely changedYoshida Miyagi in slam dunk master likes Caizi. Does Caizi know
Caiko Inoue is a national caiko. The author Xiongyan Inoue can give his surname to this energetic girl, which shows his love for her. Another important reason is that Caizi itself may be a way for teacher Inoue to be in SD, not from the perspective of an author, but from the perspective of a participantEnglish name of dunk master
slamdunk。 Slam dunk master is a Japanese cartoonist yoshihihiko Inoue's juvenile cartoon with the theme of high school basketball. It was serialized in the weekly juvenile jump from No. 42 in 1990 to No. 27 in 1996. The single edition has been distributed in 17 countries and regions. Together with "football player" and "baseball hero", it is known as the three peak works of Japanese sports comicsIn slam dunk master, what positive effects does caiko Inoue bring to the Xiangbei team
In the slam dunk master, caiko Inoue has made great contributions to the Xiangbei team. He helps players train and coaches train players. At the same time, when players encounter problems, he always actDunk master Caizi  not Caiziively helps them, solves problems together, and adds fuel to their gameWhat are the basketball strengths of Akiko Akaki and Keiko Inoue in slam dunk master
In slam dunk master, female characters are very rare in this cartoon, which is mainly based on men's basketball. Even fewer women can really play basketball. Although maisheng xiangtian is a reporter who knowDunk master Caizi  not Caizis basketball very well, there is no evidence that she can play basketballWho is more likable in slam dunk master, Akiko or caiko
However, sakuraki saw Miyagi's simple appearance at a glance and immediately got the news that Miyagi liked caiko. Because they are supporting actors, they have no role, but they are very direct. Personally, I can't get these two girls anyway. Just be honest. I want them allDunk master who likes lottery
Miyagi Yoshida. Ryota Miyagi likes Caizi very much. Did he like it from the beginning of high school? Miyagi ryota is willing to join the basketball team because, to a large extent, it is also for Caizi. Seeing his beloved woman desperately trying to make Northern Hunan better, he seriously urges these players to train every day and help them make plans. Miyagi
Dunk master Caizi not Caizi

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