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Dunk master Kamakura

2022-06-23 05:40Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Students say that the scene at the beginning of each episode of slam dunk master is real. Do you know anyone_ HundredYes, the tram junction where sakuraki waved to Kiyoko at the beginning of the slam
Students say that the scene at the beginning of each episode of slam dunk master is real. Do you know anyone_ Hundred
Yes, the tram junction where sakuraki waved to Kiyoko at the beginning of the slam dunk master is the place where the Japanese river power passes. The shooting location of dunk masters is Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The coast where cartoons often appear is the south coast of Hunan in Japan's Kanto region. The prototype of Lingnan high school in the cartoon is Kamakura high school in Kanagawa Prefecture, whichHow about Kamakura, Japan? Is there any interesting place to recommend
Looking at the warm sun for days makes me think of Kamakura in Japan. You can see the blooming purple flowers everywhere, the endless blue sky and sea, the "slam dunk master" Kamakura college clock out place with our youth memories, etc. These are all the sights you can't miss when you come to Tokyo. Before you go to Kamakura, you need to know what the means of transportation areWhere is this place in Japan? I know there is this place in reality ~ ~ thank you_ Hundred
It was not until the Kanto earthquake that the island rose as a whole that it became a landform connected with the opposite at any time. Jiangzhidao, a green island located on the coast of southern Hunan, has become a destination for more and more tourists because of its beautiful seaside scenery and fresh literary styleThe prototype of Lingnan University in slam dunk master what's interesting about Kamakura university
"Kamakura University", the holy land for dunking experts, clocks in. Fortunately, the weather today is really very, very good. The sky is blue and white clouds are clear for thousands of miles (brain mending Tiktok Divine Comedy...)... It is possible to take a group of clocking tourists' photos well ~ it is still a few tips to offer it ~ the river island tram usually takes more than ten minutes to startWho are the richest and poorest dunk Masters
Dunk masters were created in Japan in the 1990s, when Japan's economy was at its most brilliant. It was very convenient for Japanese people to travel abroad. Home appliances such as telephone and Panasonic were very popular, and almost every household had them. In 1990, Japan ranked second in the world in terms of GDP and ranked first in the world in terms of per capita GDP of USD 2.59w. At that time, the exchange rate between USD and RMB was at 8How to get to the shooting place of Kamakura dunk master in Tokyo
Where are you in Tokyo? If you are in the city, you can go directly to Shinjuku Station. At the Shinjuku OTA romantic express ticket office, you can buy Kamakura tour tickets valid for 1 day. After that, take the Xiaotian emergency line to the direction of the island of the kanase river. The vehicles stop at different stops. It is urgent and fast. It is best to stop at fewer stationsDunk master where is the seaside train
Dunk master seaside train in Kamakura. The seaside train among the dunk masters is located in Kamakura, not far from Tokyo. Many animation lovers will take photos and punch in. The slam dunk expert is a Japanese cartoonist nobuhiko Inoue's juvenile cartoon with the theme of high school basketball, which is serialized in the weekly juvenile jump1 from No. 42, 1990 to No. 27, 1996In slam dunk master, where are the two schools in Northern Hunan and southern Lingnan respectively in Kanagawa county
The coastal area in the north of Xiangmo Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture, extends to Yeshan in the East and Daji in the west, including five cities: Douzi, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Maoqi and Hiratsuka. The South Hunan coast is a famous resorDunk master Kamakurat in Japan. The South Hunan region is one of the economic, industrial, cultural and port centers of Japan. And the slam dunk master cartoon Xiangbei high schoolJapan Kamakura, in addition to the "slam dunk master" to take photos and punch in, what are the photo holy places
In addition to the Jiaoping road that appeared in the slam dunk master before Kamakura University, there are also many historical shrines and monasteries in Kamakura, as well as the river island that once appeared in the cartoon Inuyasha. It is also particularly worthwhile for tourists to punch in and take photos. The kazuoka Bafan palace was once the political center of Japan and a symbol of Kamakura's prosperityI know that the prototype of Lingnan high school is Kanagawa'Dunk master Kamakuras Kamakura University, but where is the specific Dunk master Kamakuralocation
Kamakura University front station is a railway station operated by the jiangzhidao electric railway (jiangzhidian). Located in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, it is an uDunk master Kamakuranmanned station along the jiangzhidao electric railway line. As the station is only facing the coastline of qiliban (qilibang) across the national highway 134
Dunk master Kamakura

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