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2022-06-23 05:15Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: Game 2k13 career mode is not possible to appear slam dunk masters scattered to various teams. To appearThe list has not been played since 14. It depends on the nature of all your lists. There is somet
Game 2k13 career mode is not possible to appear slam dunk masters scattered to various teams. To appear
The list has not been played since 14. It depends on the nature of all your lists. There is something called 2k14 slam dunk master patching. It is not on2k13 dunk masterly the list, but also the replacement of all teams with slam dunk master schools. Maybe that kind of thing is in line with your idea. It's equivalent to you open the game to enter the NBA2k13 slam dunk expert who has or where is the most complete
Direct search, you can download the face patch o2k13 dunk masterf the whole dunk master, and the basic members have it; You can also download the whole team of dunk masters, such as Xiangbei, Shanwang, Hainan, Xiangyang and Lingnan ~How does nba2k13 load the dunk master list
If you are playing MC, first find the edit my play on the home page, change the skin to the character's skin, otherwise you will have skin deviation when you apply the face, then edit the name of my play, and enter MC mode after completion. Here, nba2k13 is used Turbo. V1.31, I usually use thisHow to use 2k13 dunk master patch
Put the downloaded patches, that is, the list, in the 2K archive folder saves. After entering the game, find the load in the main menu option, and then select load list to load the list of dunk master patches
Do you have any free Baidu cloud resources for the traditional Chinese installation free version of slam dunk master 2k13
Link: extraction code: MCM5 game name: slam dunk master 2k13 traditional Chinese installation free version end: PC end type: Sports Language: Traditional Chinese size: 7.94GB label: basketball, confronta2k13 dunk mastertion
Urgent request!!! Nba2k13 dunk master patch problem
Put the player list and the file of the replacement course into the save folder, open the rest of the folder, and copy and paste all the contents into your game directory. Save folder you can click the lower left corner to start, click search and enter%appdata%. There will be a folder starting with RCan nba2k13 dunk master teams or players replace a certain NBA team
Yes, you can pretend to understand upstairs. 11 is OK. 13 first, you can play this patch. The team can choose in the fast game. Generally speaking, it is OK. Then open a new file in dynasty mode. If it is the Chinese version option, select custom League, and then enter the team and division selection. You can remove the team you least likeIf you want to play slam dunk master 2k13, you can't do it. Please ask the great God 2k13 dunk masterto explain
This premise is that you download and install nba2k13, and then test this file into the original 2k13 file and replace it. If there is a list for archiving, you need to put it in the archive folder of 2k13. Baidu will know where this folder is in Disk C ~ then open the 2k13 gameHow to use slam dunk master in 2k13? People can tell you the patch and how to use it
Answer: patch dunk master Dynasty patch or dunk master team patch or dunk master list patch or dunk master photo patch, etc. Each one is different. Some of them contain IFF files, surface supplement files, pure ROS files or CMG files, etc. The methods are differentHow should a 2k13 slam dunk expert face patch be used
Unzip the facial file to the root directory of the game, download a 2k13 facial patch modifier on the Internet, enter the game, enter the player editing mode, open the modifier, input the number of the facial patch you want to replace on the modifier (that is, the number above the name of the slam dunk master facial patch file), save it, and enter the game
2k13 dunk master

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