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Dunk master mingpeng

2022-07-03 11:01Basketball Jumpman game
Summary: The cartoon of slam dunk master clearly shows that it's time for the national competition. Why is it that TV animation only starts, andThe slam dunk master created by Takehiko Inoue is called SD fo
The cartoon of slam dunk master clearly shows that it's time for the national competition. Why is it that TV animation only starts, and
The slam dunk master created by Takehiko Inoue is called SD for short. It has a total of 31 volumes (the mainland usually sells 5 copies in the form of four in one piracy), of which 1-22 volumesDunk master mingpeng are made into animation, that is, the 101 episodes of animation we saw on TV, and the remaining 23-31 volumes, that is, the so-called national competition, are not made into animation, so if we want to watch it, we can only goIs slam dunk master overestimated
"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" also has hard injuries in the plot, but he is still one of the four famous works. The problem with slam dunk master is that there are not many descriptions of tactics. For example, gorilla, you always see him blocking, but you rarely see his back, and you don't see hook a few times. It's just like infinite existence on the defensive end. MitsuiHow to analyze the "double guns" and "double towers" set by the author of "slam dunk master" for Xiangbei and Shanwang
Share the endless fun of animation, analyze the deepest essence of animation, and unite all the forces of animation. hello everyone! I'm Mr. maple. In slam dunk master, the battle between Xiangbei and Shanwang is considered to be the battle between the two strongest teams in the whole article, except that the players' abilities and talents are relatively strongWhat is the final outcome of a slam dunk master
The final outcome of slam dunk master is that the hot-blooded Xiangbei basketball team lost at the end. In the final battle, Sakuragi Huadao was seriously injured, which may make him unable to continue playing basketball in the future. When the coach stopped him from playing, he said, "old man
Obviously, these are more suitable for slam dunks
Temperament is more consistent. The fresh meat pasted next door is too creamy. Dunk masters, many gloomy teenagers have the temperament of tough guys. Seeing hotpot heroes at the beginning, they were shocked by their rebelliousnessSlam dunk master: Why did Akagi Liuchuan choose Northern Hunan when Mingming can work with Sendao
Talk to you about some of the past events of the hot-blooded comic dunk master, which is almost the prequel of this comic. That's some stories about the two cores of Northern Hunan, maple Liuchuan and Gangxian Akagi, before the official start of the plot year. In fact, we all know the formation of the five tigers in Northern Hunan. Akagi Gangxian and Yoshida Miyagi are the team elders, especiallyDunk master: Mu Mingming can stop Xiandao. Why did he give up
Is it the match between Hainan and Lingnan? If so, my next answer is about Mu's behavior in the game. He saw that Xiandao wanted to play two plus one, that is, when the offensive player was fouled by the defensive player when holding the ball, and at the same time, he hit the ball into the basket. The goal is valid, plus a free throwIn slam dunk master, Shigeru Tada knows the weakness of Northern Hunan, or what is the reason for losing_ Baidu
I think Lingnan and Xiangbei, the slam dunk masters, are the "mortal enemies". From last year's county competition, Lingnan team led by Xiandao eliminated Xiangbei in the first round, and Xiandao scored 47 points alone, which is a shame for Akagi. However, Yuzhu, the home center of Lingnan, was also tyrannized by Akagi. At that tDunk master mingpengime, Akagi almost prevented all the attacks of YuzhuAmong the slam dunks, coach Anxi is very concerned about tanizawa. Why didn't Mitsui pull him when he fell_ Baidu
Dunk master can be said to be one of the childhood memories of countless people. Even though it has beenDunk master mingpeng over for many years, it is still the heart of countless people. I believe people who have seen the ending of the cartoon will feel very sorry, and have said that their youth stayed in that summer. At the end, Northern Hunan did not win the first place in the country, but there is no doubt thatWhat's the reason why Mitsui Shou will be alone in the slam dunk
I think many people say it's strange that the protagonist of slam dunk master is Sakuragi flower path, followed by Maple Liuchuan, but why are so many people still like Mitsui. Probably because Mitsui is the most plump and charming role in the Dunk master mingpengwhole slam dunk master. Mitsui has experienced all the life experience that a boy yearns for, teenager
Dunk master mingpeng

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